Wednesday, May 15, 2013

God's Confession

I stand and stare,
Knowing how much I care
Saw you fall more than once
Saw you at the verge of giving up.

Saw your holding tears,
Read your weighing secrets,
Heard your unspoken words
And knew the pain you bear.

You questioned me ‘WHY?’
I didn’t answer you then.
You scream and yell,
Said life is hell.

Then you tried to rise,
Like a timid mice.
Proceed with the pain of fall,
Finally conquering all.

The victorious smile shined,
Then I answered, for this my child
If I helped you then,
You wouldn’t have walked rest of the life.

I have more faith on you,
You have more ability than you think.
Your uniqueness is what makes you.
Embrace it and live fully.

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