Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter to Postal Ballot

Dear Postal Ballot,
Where are you? I am seriously worried about you now. It has been 2 weeks since I asked your guardian Returning Officer(RO) to send you to me. I was worried that my mail to RO didn’t reach destination but I was notified that it was sent successfully. I wreck my head by reasoning about your delay to reach here.

First I thought that you might be busy ploughing and planting chilies then I realized that it is ridiculous as election is more important now. Then I wondered that you might have chosen to walk with fellow tortoise to come here. I calculated and as per my estimation, even with fellow tortoise you could reach in 3 days from Pemagatshel(PG) to Samdrup Jongkhar(SJ). From there let’s say you take another 3 to 4 days. In total you will be able to reach here within a week. So that’s not the case.

 Remembering from the walk by any means, is delay caused by lack of traveling fare? If it’s the case, you should have always asked me, I would have asked my maternal uncle who travel daily between PG to SJ to give you a lift. I know he is kind of serious guy and doesn’t like who talks much but it isn’t a big deal as you rarely or never talks. Then my paternal uncle from SJ might have come to pick you then he would have sent you safely via bus to me. It will not cost me more than Nu. 120/-  to pick you up from bus booking if you have really turned up.

Or is it possible that you are traveling from Mongar and Bumthang route because of strike in Indian border? OR are you stuck in the road block because monsoon has started? OR you sure you haven’t lost your way while traveling from border and went to Sikkim or Siliguri? Should I report the case of your missing to police? I am sure they will send search team after you. Now you are making me worry, hope nothing bad happened to you. Are you sick? Or are you afraid of me? Come on! I know I don’t have experience but I can’t be that bad, I don’t bite like a furious dog and also I don’t suck blood like a cold-blooded vampire. I guarantee that you will be safe with me.

I wondered did you guardian inform that you have to come here? You know, together we have relay race to complete and you know I can’t proceed without you. If you are playing pranks on me, it’s enough. You better hurry and come to me. I know most of my companion who are participating are completing their race, I saw your friends Postal Ballots jovially greeting their partners and I was jealous. You better come fast; we are running out of time. We have to participate at any cost and we can’t afford to miss it due to our carelessness or someone else ignorance.

Like others I have exam to worry which will decide my future but remember you will decide Nation’s future for upcoming 5 years. So please don’t take risk. You can’t be joking at the moment, come soon. I will be waiting for you with Tashi Khadar and Rachu at gate.


P.S: We have hardly 2 weeks left to complete the race. Hurry up! Remember I have copy of your photo, if u don't come quickly I will hand it over to police, seriously.                                                                                                                                      


  1. I heard that our postal ballot is hiding coz of the da worry that party that v support may win... I go everyday in search of it bt neva did I find postal ballot on ma name,,,,, whose mistake or carelessness I really do doubt it,,,,

  2. Tired of waiting...we are only tip of an iceberg...I don't know how many of us will miss the chance to vote coz of ignorance of concerned authority..finger crossed..I will again go 2maro n check in acc-section. Better late than never :)

  3. postal ballot understand that you are too young to go on by your decision and cast the vote. so, it may not reach on time , as it may play on the way.

  4. Haha...u r right Jigme, like me Postal ballot must be busy playing on the way. And for ur kind information Boss I am not old enough to know everything but i am also not too young to know nothing and surely i have party on my mind to vote.