Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thief of My Time

Heard many times, “Procrastinations is the thief of time” and search a literal meaning of word procrastinations and found out ‘procrastination [noun]: the action of delaying or postponing something: Example: your first tip is to avoid procrastination’

It says 'The action of delaying or postponing something' and ‘something’ in my case refers to studying. It is the peak time I should be busy bleeding while studying, but somehow I manage procrastinating over the studies. I don’t mean that I am not studying at all, but in between my studies I land up blogging. Surely, my frequent visits to this website manage to reduce my visit to social networking websites like Facebook and twitter and also it is making me lessen my visits to books too.

In case of me, proverb get little modified i.e. “Blogging is thief of my time” and I ain’t blaming anyone or anything for this but myself. I may write rubbish and doesn’t make any sense at a time, but writing has always helped me to speak my unspoken words, confess my greatest fear, express my hidden feelings or in other words, it has always been my true friend who cheered me through all the hard and the best times of my life. 

So I will say blogging is a best and permitted thief of my time.

BEST OF LUCK to all the students who are preparing and doing exam currently.
:( Will miss blogging for a while ):


  1. Wow...good to see you blogging. You may also see me in

  2. Thanks a lot :) Have read ur blog and alys respect ur work (y)

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  4. Nice that Bhutan is having some countable bloggers now. Nice to know that you have got nice posts. Please continue...You can find me @

  5. Thank you 4 dropping in and glad 2 hear positive comment. Will surely visit ur blog.