Sunday, May 12, 2013

Accidental Fate

 "May be god have bigger plan for me than I have for myself." Jamie Sullivan from A Walk to Remember. 

Accidentally and reluctantly landed up in the plane of civil engineering while all I intended was to do either journalism or LLB. Never in wildest dream had I thought of becoming an engineer. I felt like Alice in the Wonderland upon entering the field of my studies. I was neither prepared nor excited about the course; all I had was bitterness and regrets. I felt like screaming when I could not cope up with engineering because my mind was already set that engineering was not meant for me or vice-versa. I wanted to hate engineering but could not since there was Engineering Graphics module which manages to capture my interest in first semester itself.

It was the first module I liked doing initially before falling in love with it completely. I liked the way we started first doing with the drawing of alphabets A, B,C,D...... and it proceed with the simple line, planes, front view, side view, and top view. Initially did it all the works manually and gosh it was time consuming and laborious.

Best part was analyzing the isometric view of the solid object.Ha-ha.... my friends still laugh at me when I joined all the pieces of plan in air with my closed eyes assembling the entire imaginary front views, side views and top views with the hand gestures as if I am really fitting each jigsaw puzzle. It was and is so funny but I manage to get the correct answer.

Then I got introduced with the STATIC AUTOCAD 2010, advanced software used for designing, drafting and drawing the structure and engineering drawing in 2D and 3D. At that moment I knew that I like what I was doing, even the drawing of simple lines and random structure brought a smile on my face. Then more Building Drawing teachers taught about drawings, the more I became interested in engineering. The other modules also have a quite a surprise package.
With every passing minute, ENGINEERING is giving me a pleasant surprise and no doubt I like it. It is like an opening of mysterious door which lead to the treasure and no doubt path is not an easy one. With each and every forwarding step, there is the thorn to pierce and test us but it will never stop me/we from moving on.   

The learning never has ends but I will pursue it till the ends. I am not even in a midway of becoming engineer but I can say that my feelings for engineering have evolved from HATE to LIKE and I think I will eventually land up falling in LOVE with it.


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