Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If There is Any Heaven on Earth its Here.....

The fresh air of unpolluted place untouched by the urbanization, the clear echo of chirping birds without disturbance from angry roaring vehicle, the beautiful rhythms of dancing bamboo with the assistance from the gentle wind, the vague sound of cowboy guiding his cattle to desired direction, the serenity overrules the place yet speaks a lot. The people busy in their own field yet have whole world time for each other when needed. No rush to attend meeting or class, no bumping with people while walking, no noise pollution, no inhaling of polluted air, nothing…. but everything, it is so calm, quiet and peaceful. Yeah, it’s all about the village life. So beautiful, so peaceful and love it very much.

No best chef of the world can compete with the food prepared by mom, the satisfaction we get after eating from mom’s hand is beyond words. It just feels like ‘For the first time after long time, I have eaten a real and satisfying food. It’s just big WOW! ‘ I bet no well equipped and expensive room in the world offer the guarantee service of happiness, but HOME does that is also free of cost :) It’s like I can sleep forever without wishing to wake up. I am convinced that there is no other place on the earth like our own home.

If there is any heaven on the earth it’s here, it’s here……..HOME SWEET HOME :)