Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Are Family!!!

Few years back we siblings were watching emotional Hindi movie 'We are family'. A nice family drama. At the end, it was heartbreaking to see Kajol battling with the cervical cancer and how children miss their mom. Every actor did justice to the roles. We all glued our gaze to the screen knowing the intensity of scene. I became so emotional that I couldn't stop the falling tears from the side of my eyes and I was planning to wipe it out without others notice when my little 8 yr old brother said "Shameee...Ana katang tey geb chowa la"(Shame...elder sister is crying). Elder brother and younger sister looked at my direction and burst out laughing. They teased me, I felt so embarrassed. Later found that it was all planned and all had watched it before, knowing that I was emotionally weak they pretended to watch with me to see my emotional outburst. Now I am realizing that it wasn't about teasing but bonding between us. Miss u guys a lot, now it is really hard to gather as a whole family as all of us are in our own path. Believe me I haven't changed a bit, I still cry watching sad movies and now I won't feel embarrass to cry 1000times  infront of u all if I get another 1000 times to watch movies together. Love u all, after all WE ARE FAMILY.
We Are Family...Missing u all <3

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