Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Saying Sorry

“Mend the bond torn by pride.” The Witch of Brave

The hardest part for most of the people is saying sorry. Though they might have realized their mistakes and feels sorry, they somehow fail to say it. Here comes another factor ‘PRIDE’ which isn’t letting you to admit the mistakes, which holds you back from saying sorry. The simple five letter word ‘SORRY’ doesn’t come easily for many people at times whereby for some people it is frequently used word. Those people say sorry not because others are always right and they are always wrong but for them the value of them are higher than the pride they possessed.

A simple sorry can save you from hot arguments, heal you from the deep hurt, can make you forget and forgive the mistakes. So never be late to say sorry to whom you think you owe the one. I am going to say sorry to all whom I think I should have said earlier but couldn’t somehow.

God: I know you have been and are always there but I never got a chance acknowledge you. I am so sorry and I thank you at the same time.

Family: Ama and Apa, sorry for being irresponsible at one or other points of time. I am sorry if I haven’t lived up to your expectations. Sorry brother for arguing with you for those silly reasons. Sorry sister for being bossy and not understanding you at a time. I am sorry to you all and love you all a lot. I miss you all very much. I am sick and missing home, is it homesick? LOL

Friends: We live, chat, laugh, argue, support, fight, forgive and forget.  Living with you all has always been best part of my life. Sometimes, unknowingly we end up hurting each other’s feeling. So for those unknown times, I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feeling.

People Around: Till date there are many people I have encountered in my life. To those people, there might have been time where I owed you an apology for various known and unknown reasons but didn’t apologize because I couldn’t or I didn’t realize. Now I do, I am sorry if I have been ignorant, judgmental, too harsh, careless, stupid and many more.

Readers: Finally to you all if I have wasted your precious times. Sorry if my writing wasn’t worth your time.