Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Old Man

Saw the glitter of happiness in the eyes of my dear wife,
With the pride I said “Our son, our life.”
With little steps, you first walked.
And you hated when stalked.

You loved touching sky,
And you rode my shoulder with little sigh,
The little cheerful voice shouted “higher, higher”
And we were wingless flyer.

You made fuss over going school,
You looked cool sitting on a little stool,
The knowledge filled your mind,
With the passing time, you were determined.

Darkness engulfed our home,
With you mother gone,
I lived with the stone,
Till date, never felt so alone.

The respectable man of tittle,
With the beautiful wife you settled.
I had a huge and pure grin,
When I heard you have a twin.

Joy and hope filled my heart,
Unknown of the fact it will be torn apart.
You were disgusted to see my dirt,
Torn shirts and I was hurt.

At last, you asked me to leave your house,
And said I am man of chaos.
With no sense of direction,
I left having no option.

An eye wouldn't let the clear crystal fall,
The legs merely have strength to stand still,
The wrinkled hand barely can hold a walking stick,
Yet I shall never make my way to your home.

:'( The article will not let me sleep, I try to stand in his shoes. I can feel an enormous pain but I bet it's not even 5% of what that father is really going through.

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