Monday, August 5, 2013

Living or Enjoying Life?

We are so busy planning and preparing for future that we are forgetting to live a present. We worry endless for unknown times so intensely not even sure of whether we will be able to live that particular time we are anticipating now or not. We live a monotonous life like wake up at 6:00 am, breakfast at 7:00am, class from 8-12am then lunch then again class, dinner, surf net for a while, do homework (most probably copy) and study for a while and sleep. We areso used to it that we don’t notice that present is sliping from our hand.

Did I enjoy the moment I went through? I guess not, just look at me I can’t even remember what I had for dinner. Is it because curry wasn’t worth remembering? Big NO, I was just living not enjoying that moment. As if I am remote operated human who is a slave of the unknown and accustomed command like dinner time, go and dine in the mess and come back. And the cycle continues.

Yeah! I heard someone saying that to be successful in life, one must stay focus. So looks like everyone is trying to be successful as everyone seems focused or they are just trying to be focus like me. At times we lend up on an intermediate state where we can neither focus nor enjoy. We are one way or other tied with the numerous rope of life like responsibility, duty, commitment, fear, guilt and many more. Sometimes, we need to come out of cocoon of our life and enjoy the beauty of being carefree.

Did you ever do the crazy things you never expected you will do in your life but something you always wanted to experience at some point? Like shouting at the peak of your voice while riding a roller coaster and pinching hard your partner when you feel that you will fall out of it or laughing hell while playing break dance or getting nausea while swinging on dragonfly. Or maybe intentionally not taking an umbrella knowing that it will rain, completely get drenched in the rain and running fast to the destination and stopping with the eardrum piercing shout when thunder roars, or chanting “Om ah hung bazar guru padma se de hung” when lightning struck and next moment laughing so hard knowing how foolish we act. Or may be climb on the high water tank with the fear in mind and have tough time coming back as legs wouldn’t cooperate. And after getting back on the ground, getting cramp on the leg and making friends worry.  Or shouting and jeering equally with the Indian while watching a movie in an Indian theater.

Well I did all of those crazy, stupid and weird things but I don’t regret rather I have smile on my face. At all times of craziness, there were always friends to accompany. I feel at that time I was really living and enjoying the moment also was creating a memory for life time. Whenever I plan to something weird I quote a line “Zindagi Na Milenge Dobara.”  
Haha…now whenever I say “Zindagi Na Milenge Dobara” my friends start to panic J J J


  1. nice one

  2. and i guess i am one of ur victim of "zindagi na milenge dobara"

    1. hahhaaaa, how can i forget you and your face while riding dragon swing. We have many more 'zindagi na milenge dobara' events to come ;)