Friday, September 6, 2013

Blessed with Friend

Talking with you have made me realized how much I missed you.

We neither need friendship testometer to measure it nor we need to die for each other to prove it. God will be ashamed to deny it and world envy it for what we have: we have a pure and true form of friendship. Blessed are those who have a true friend and I am doubly blessed because I have you.

As someone said to me earlier “Distances are just a test to see how far love can travel.” And our friendship travels faster than the light and illuminates more light than the sun.  A simple assurance of standing by side and never letting go of each other at any cost is a gift I got from you.  We understand each other without having to utter a single word; even listening to each other’s silence is a great pleasure. I feel it and you say it, I still wonder how you can read me so well. It's like you know me more than I do.

Its trust based foundation with little expectations from each other with the abundance showering of love, care and affection for each other. I respect you and our friendship. You are best ever thing happened to me. Today is neither your birthday nor friendship day but I feel the need to let you know that you are being cherished and remembered by your friend. Miss you so much.

I couldn't ask more from GOD coz he gave me u and u r more than I deserve. Luv u Phuntsho :)


  1. Nice to see you blogging and hope to see more of your writings. It is a pleasure to follow your blog, and add to my list the one more Bhutanese blogger.
    With regards
    Monu at

  2. Nice to know you. I have followed your blog. Looking forward to reading more from you. Best Wishes.

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping in. In fact sir's blog was the 1st blog i encountered and u were my inspiration. Respect your work :)and keep inspiring many souls.