Friday, September 6, 2013

I Owe an Explanation to Myself

My last update on the blog was on the 18th of August and phew it’s pretty long gap. I was on study and medical leave ( I owe an explanation to myself). I  couldn’t update due to some unavoidable reasons such as due to phase test 1 which was scheduled at the end of the previous month, to be precise 29th, 30th and 31st of August. It’s like whole CSTians have been fed tests as a meal. 90% of students did 3 three tests per day excluding the backing papers. Some friends who have back papers did five tests on a single day. Thank god! I didn’t keep one but if we go at this rate I am sure I will not be lucky next time. Gosh! If we human being are forced, I am convinced we can perform any type of task.

Previously when the system of tests was based on randomness with accordance to the tutor’s and students convenient, students used to complain when two or more tests coincide in a week and we used to request Lecturer to postpone but this time with the introduction of the phase test system, doing tests was just like having dessert after meals.

Surely the management here knows how to give a pinch of doing real tests to the students. Students hardly got time to stand and stare, it has been just like chasing a pavement of studying when time was giving a hard competition by running out so fast.

Another lame excuse for not updating blog, health issue. Lately I have been flat with whatever the reasons, eat something different vomit all and flat next day. Getting drenched in the rain, eat ice cream, work hard and will bleed hell from the nose and next day flat on the bed. Hardly had an energy to stand, this is so unlike me I mean getting sick over every little stupid reason. My immune system can’t be this worse.
Life can’t be joking with me, getting sick during exam time is so unfair. 
But life is not always considerate as we expect so never expect much from it rather prepare well to face every unexpected card of the life.

Every moment of the life is unique and have lesson attached to it, so enjoy fully. Even the pain has a different charm, so relish it.