Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moment to Cherish Forever

“Good things come when you least expect it.” By anonymous.

A little unexpected and sudden trip to Sikkim but the best moment of my life. I wanted to freeze that moment forever, so I am immortalizing it by penning down the amazing feelings I had. The beautiful scenery of clean and green Sikkim was breathtakingly awesome. The serenity and homeliness of Deorali Goenpa were just another soothing factor that contributed to my happiness. Most of the monks  we met were Bhutanese, it was just like another home in India. 

For a moment I forgot that I have to study a complicated modules back at college and I had skipped classes to make a trip possible.  Short and sweet trip but it manages to steal little part of my heart. I wished that I could stay there forever but huh dreams are dreams only, had to wake up and come back.  It was my first trip but I sincerely pray that it will not be the last. I wish to return one fine day.


Lighting  butterlamps :)

Beautiful Flowers


  1. u need to give us company next time when we go there so ya definitely it wont be ur last time...its grt dat u visited it.

    1. Sure dea, i will sell all of u in Sikkim and come back with bag full of gold. Kidding, lets go next time together :)