Friday, September 6, 2013

Questionnaire on Blogging

Relationship with writing has been as long as I knew how to hold a pen. I used to scribble everything usually my feelings on a piece of paper or in the middle pages of my notebooks. Previously I used to write on a notebook to keep track of the things and feelings, then I maintained Diary. I remember late at night when some students were busy studying and some sleeping, I used to write whatever that comes into my mind on the book with the assistance of torch light. Its how writing got injected in me. And now I blog J

1.Why did you start blogging in the first place? And what’s the story behind your blog title?
Ans: In 2011, after reaching here at college I don’t remember exactly but I guess I saw friend sharing sir Passu’s Diary and later saw Langa Tenzin’s blog on facebook. That’s how I got introduced to blogging. They are the source of my inspiration and they always have great posts.   Then I made one without any post for many months following and reading all the possible updates of the passionate and ardent bloggers.

At the beginning of the year, when a second parliamentary round of election was in due course, I was thoroughly  frustrated not having received my postal ballot on time. That’s when I wrote a sarcastic letter to Postal Ballot and after that I  seriously started blogging  
Owing to my weirdness, initially I kept the title of my blog as My Weird World but later change to My Bizzare World.

2.How long have you been blogging? Where are you based?
Ans: My first post on the blog was on last October but seriously I started blogging since May this year only. I am based on CST, Phuentsholing.

3.How do you schedule your blog post? Daily or weekly? Or as and when inspiration strikes you?
Ans: I write whenever I feel like writing. I must say I usually write when inspiration strikes me and there are more than 3 posts on my blog by the end of the month.

4.Does your family and friends know about your blog?

And: My parents do not know about my blog but I guess my brother knows about it. Yeah my friends knows about my blog, and I acknowledge my friend Tshering Delkar who always encourages me to write more. Thank you dear J


  1. Nice to learn about your blogging journey, Tshering. I am pleased to know that I was one of your sources of inspiration. I feel honoured and glad to know that I have inspired some bloggers. Keep writing dear. You write well! Take care.

    1. I believe, from school days itself you were source of inspiration for many students like me. Thank you for encouraging and keep on inspiring the people.I respect your work and you well deserve it (y). Best wishes in your life :)

  2. Nice to know you la...keep writing...

  3. yipeee i am happy that you mentioned my name..jst kidding dear
    and keep on going like alys