Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You have got a Beautiful SMILE and you know it right?

You have got a beautiful smile and you know it right?
Yeah I am talking to you who is reading it right now. You must be wondering how the hell I knew or know that you have got a rather beautiful smile or ugly doma stained teeth, but trust me the moment you smile you become beautiful and that’s why I am saying you have got a very beautiful smile. If you don’t believe me, just smile and look at the mirror and you will see the truth yourself. Trust me a smile is infectious. The moment you see someone smile genuinely, an automatic smile appears on your face. Sometimes a genuine smile from even a stranger makes our day beautiful.

What is the harm in smiling? Do we really need a valid and good reason to smile? We rather feel like s/he is a stranger so why do we need to smile at strangers. We have a notion that a  smile can give a wrong hint to others, do you really think it does? But I don’t find any harm in smiling.  I would rather say smile whenever you can. Smile when you are happy; smile even when you are in pain to show that you have the strength to overcome that pain. Dark moods engulf the smile and spoil the atmosphere. So never let your smile get buried. Add a glow to your face by smiling because smile is a natural and cheap makeup one can wear.

Sherub Tenzin says “You don't need shining teeth and beautiful face to smile. Smiling cost nothing but gains many things especially friends. Keep smiling....: D”and I totally agree with him. So a  smile is a gateway to one’s heart.  Don’t forget to smile because you have got a beautiful smile and that’s the gift from god, value it and be happy. 

Feel the difference  and smile :)
"You've got that smile that only God can make." by sister Tshering Dema of BBS


  1. Hi Tshering,
    I dint know know you will make me to smile at the end of reading your article.
    This is a new way to make other people smile. Let others join as well to smile.

    1. I am glad that you smiled and yeah you have got a beautiful smile. Keep on smiling :)

  2. smile...gud bt genuine smile usually comes when i am around you guys. not with strangers.

    1. Awwoo you are so cute to say that. Still show your happydent waala smile to all ne. That will add cuteness :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I will do that n u also continue writing.