Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"I want to be a Daddy"

Eww… I had always despised the sickening odors which contribute in an increment of the nausea feeling. The strong smell of the medicine everywhere, yuck… I hate it. If given a chance I would never visit the hospital, ‘watch out your tongue, never say never.’ I warned myself. With the approaching semester exam, I couldn’t dare risking my health and to escape from a friend’s constant scolding, I visited.

‘phhhhhh..’I sighed looking at the long queue of patients in front of the reception counter.  I scan the room; few older people were watching BSS on the TV which was oddly kept on the maxim height opposite to the entrance door, women were chatting at the end of the left bench, some were nursing their patients, people in white apron were rushing in different directions, group of students in uniform were sharing how boring geography class was, I chuckled remembering how I used to doze off in geography class sitting in the first bench. Everything is fun with the friends. Wish I had asked Karma to accompany me, but all are busy studying, I reminded myself.

I didn’t have better things to do, so I playfully started counting the people ahead of me 24, 25… when I saw a cute boy of three or four running merrily. Probably mother at the far end (looked very sick) was asking Jigme to return; the mischievous yet innocent was a cute Jigme. I usually find hard to keep my hand off the children, some parents approved the attention their child gets from the stranger but some are possessive enough to glare at the uninvited affection. The innocence and cuteness of the children are hard to resist.

I lengthen my hand and signal him to come near, seem hesitant at first but eventually he came. I smiled and asked “Jigme, what is your name?” “Jigme” he replied in a sing song manner. He seems engrossed with the red car in his hand.  I took an Oreo from my bag and I showed him in an attempt to bribe his attention. It worked! He smiled and stretched his hand to take it, but I refused to give. I bargained him to come and sit on my lap, he did.

He started eating the cookie while I observed him; he has a tiny dark mole on the upper lip which is believed that he will be well conversant, thick eye lashes and captivating eyes.  We conversed in his sing song manner. We talked, played and talked.

I asked “What do you want to become when you grow up?” He replied “I want to be a daddy.” I grinned remembering the lines from Facebook “Father is a son’s first superhero and daughter’s first love.”  So true. “Why so?” I asked again.

“I want to be like a daddy because I want to beat mother.” he replied sweetly in an innocent manner. I was too stunned by his answer; maybe I heard him wrong.

“Jigme, come” I heard his mother calling. Obediently without even turning back, he made his way to the reception counter where his mother was.


  1. Thanks to that innocent Jigme, who made you understand the true colour of his superhero.
    Innocence is the virgin period of time that prevails truth. Nice update after a little break.

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