Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thief of My Time

Heard many times, “Procrastinations is the thief of time” and search a literal meaning of word procrastinations and found out ‘procrastination [noun]: the action of delaying or postponing something: Example: your first tip is to avoid procrastination’

It says 'The action of delaying or postponing something' and ‘something’ in my case refers to studying. It is the peak time I should be busy bleeding while studying, but somehow I manage procrastinating over the studies. I don’t mean that I am not studying at all, but in between my studies I land up blogging. Surely, my frequent visits to this website manage to reduce my visit to social networking websites like Facebook and twitter and also it is making me lessen my visits to books too.

In case of me, proverb get little modified i.e. “Blogging is thief of my time” and I ain’t blaming anyone or anything for this but myself. I may write rubbish and doesn’t make any sense at a time, but writing has always helped me to speak my unspoken words, confess my greatest fear, express my hidden feelings or in other words, it has always been my true friend who cheered me through all the hard and the best times of my life. 

So I will say blogging is a best and permitted thief of my time.

BEST OF LUCK to all the students who are preparing and doing exam currently.
:( Will miss blogging for a while ):

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Feelings

“Education have opened your eyes but closed your brain. People surely can read but don’t understand.” ~Anonymous

Isn’t Bhutanomics over rated?  
Is the question I ask over and over and my answer to this is: I think Bhutanomics is brain washing the people. I know there is somewhere fact in what they are writing but I feel it is over exaggerated with the full of different types of flavors and varieties of spices added to attract the people and no doubt the formula they have applied is working. Surely it is going to affect in long run. Defaming the country’s image beyond repairs, the may have noble intention but in my eyes they are no less than terrorists. If they want to awake the sleeping citizens of Bhutan, they can do through a proper channel and what they are doing misleading the people. 

I find most of the articles opinionated and too personal sometimes.   And it points out only the loopholes of politicians, where they fail and how irresponsible, selfish they are and list continues but never once they mentioned and acknowledged about the achievements and struggles had they made during short span of 5 years despite the fact that they are debutant to democracy.  If Bhutanomics is intended for good cause, it should be honestly writing both positives and negatives points. 

They are dangerously trying to lead the people in other direction. No doubt people do believe them for real, they have managed to pursue quite a number against Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (Note: I am no fan of DPT). I had a pretty debate with one of my classmate when we talked about the election and no doubt like many others he has 12+ reasons not to vote for DPT and many reasons to vote for other parties. When I asked him from where he learned about his very valid reasons not to vote for  DPT, he said “Haven’t you read Bhutanomics?” I laughed and said “Dude! You are being brain washed and I surely read but believing it or not surely depends on me and I didn’t find it worth believing. So I didn’t.” and he has his own reasons to believe it and I had my own reasons not to believe, so ultimately leading us to hot debate till lecturer arrivals disrupts us.

 Then I thought the people behind Bhutanomics really want to change the country for good cause and partly believed them at first.  Why they are afraid to show their face and why they are back stabbing? If they have strong, concrete and honest reason to fight, they may have to struggle but truth always win. Back stabbing is no men’s work. Only coward does that. It is disheartening to see that literate people also believing every word written black and white going for only literal meaning. If you look back into Bhutanomics and read it again, you will realize that you are reading a piece of crap. 

To me it looks like the people behind Bhutanomics did nothing over past five years rather than spying and judging every move made by the ruling and noted down all the mistakes, neglecting and burying the achievements and struggles made by them. To me Bhutanomics sound more like ANTI-RULING PARTY rather than the concerned citizen. I won’t deny reading it and I surely enjoys when I feel damn bored. It is like a reading comic books surely laughing hell while reading and even sharing with friends but we never take it seriously and forget next moment.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter to Postal Ballot

Dear Postal Ballot,
Where are you? I am seriously worried about you now. It has been 2 weeks since I asked your guardian Returning Officer(RO) to send you to me. I was worried that my mail to RO didn’t reach destination but I was notified that it was sent successfully. I wreck my head by reasoning about your delay to reach here.

First I thought that you might be busy ploughing and planting chilies then I realized that it is ridiculous as election is more important now. Then I wondered that you might have chosen to walk with fellow tortoise to come here. I calculated and as per my estimation, even with fellow tortoise you could reach in 3 days from Pemagatshel(PG) to Samdrup Jongkhar(SJ). From there let’s say you take another 3 to 4 days. In total you will be able to reach here within a week. So that’s not the case.

 Remembering from the walk by any means, is delay caused by lack of traveling fare? If it’s the case, you should have always asked me, I would have asked my maternal uncle who travel daily between PG to SJ to give you a lift. I know he is kind of serious guy and doesn’t like who talks much but it isn’t a big deal as you rarely or never talks. Then my paternal uncle from SJ might have come to pick you then he would have sent you safely via bus to me. It will not cost me more than Nu. 120/-  to pick you up from bus booking if you have really turned up.

Or is it possible that you are traveling from Mongar and Bumthang route because of strike in Indian border? OR are you stuck in the road block because monsoon has started? OR you sure you haven’t lost your way while traveling from border and went to Sikkim or Siliguri? Should I report the case of your missing to police? I am sure they will send search team after you. Now you are making me worry, hope nothing bad happened to you. Are you sick? Or are you afraid of me? Come on! I know I don’t have experience but I can’t be that bad, I don’t bite like a furious dog and also I don’t suck blood like a cold-blooded vampire. I guarantee that you will be safe with me.

I wondered did you guardian inform that you have to come here? You know, together we have relay race to complete and you know I can’t proceed without you. If you are playing pranks on me, it’s enough. You better hurry and come to me. I know most of my companion who are participating are completing their race, I saw your friends Postal Ballots jovially greeting their partners and I was jealous. You better come fast; we are running out of time. We have to participate at any cost and we can’t afford to miss it due to our carelessness or someone else ignorance.

Like others I have exam to worry which will decide my future but remember you will decide Nation’s future for upcoming 5 years. So please don’t take risk. You can’t be joking at the moment, come soon. I will be waiting for you with Tashi Khadar and Rachu at gate.


P.S: We have hardly 2 weeks left to complete the race. Hurry up! Remember I have copy of your photo, if u don't come quickly I will hand it over to police, seriously.