Friday, January 10, 2014

Fallen Angel

A gusty wind sweeps his face,
The dusty sand invades in his eyes,
The chilling cold hugs his skin,
And he chatters with the cold in heart.

A year ago, he stood at the same junction,
A lifeless, clueless and a broken soul.
Without any card of life in his hand,
But he survived miraculously that day.

He saw an angel falling from the sky,
With the perfectly glowing skin,
Radiating with an amazing smile,
Majestically descended with the grace.

She blessed him with hopes,
Injected the wheel of truth,
And an angel flew back to the sky,
Stealing his heart forever.

Standing still at the crossroads,
With the love in his eyes,
And curvy smile in his lips
Unconditionally he waited for the Fallen Angel.

Pic Courtesy: Bing Images

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