Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Plea to Life

Life! I cling to thy rope,
With the numerous ray of hope,
Booming with the positive weapon,
To dwindle the ‘pulling back factor’ to none.

Life! Enrich me not with the gold, but with the wisdom,
So I can dwell peacefully in a freedom.
Uproot  the plant of evil,
Give me a courage to conquer the upheaval.

Life! Its ok if you attached me with the strings of hurdle,
Just have faith and watch while I handle.
Give not upon me ever,
For I shall fight forever and ever.

Life! Let me shine,
So we can celebrate with a glass of wine.
We will take  a sip  with a little chit chat and a big smile,
And continue the journey of the mile.

Picture Courtesy: Bing Images


  1. Nice read la...enjoyed thoroughly..have a nice day and A LIFE

  2. Thank you for the wishes. Do visit again :)