Monday, February 24, 2014

The Web of ‘What If’

What if I were a dog in your neighborhood?
Will I bark or bite every stranger on the way?
Or will I mark my territory and guard with sincerity?
Or will I be chased when I no longer can perform duty?

What if I were a boy instead of a girl?
Will I keep my hair short and celebrate my masculinity?
Will I grow out of pain or grow with the drugs?
Will I yell my feelings or wear a mask of seriousness?

What if I am not a Buddhist by birth?
Will I be bowing on my knees with “Allah” from my mouth?
Or will I be customarily going church on Sundays?
Or will I be an atheist with no fear of God?

What if I were born in other countries?
Will I be enjoying the advancement of technology?
Or will I be torn in suicide attack in a minute?
Or will I be a refugee in the camp seeking a freedom?

What if I wasn’t studying engineering?
Will I be a nervous teacher with laughing habit?
Or will I be a caring nurse scared of the blood?
Or will I be a writer in name with nothing to write?

What if I weren’t writing this ‘what if‘ now?
Will I be studying the with the focus?
Or will I be watching movies with the interest?
Or will I be surfing net aimlessly?


  1. Lol..The thought has no boundary.There is going to be an endless list for this "What if" but the only thing you can do is cherish whatever you have and the live every moment of your life....My list of "What if" is still incomplete...:)

    1. You are right dreamer and you are no more anonymous to me Bumo....I caught you 'lal hath'. See you around ;)

  2. What if I didn't see this poem?
    Will I still believe I realized these things?
    Or will I attempt to learn it?

    Really nice Tshering. Busy choneee gotpay ga duetshey bu mangyong chi oye. take care

    1. Kadrinche la. Lekpan rang zhug pa cha gidu la. Good luck and take care la.