Saturday, February 15, 2014

Things I ain't Really Proud of

Sometimes, we aren’t very proud of the things we did or are doing, but we can always prevent it from happening again. We can always be a better person from the person we were yesterday by working on the not very good habits of ours. Some incidents or people may influence and inspire you, but nobody can change you if you don’t want to. The only one who can change you is yourself, be it in a bad or good way. It’s in your hand to choose one.

Well, there are some things in fact lots of things I ain’t really proud of myself. Things I want to change or reform to see the better version of myself. Here are a long list of things;

1.      Waking early in the morning (week days) so I don’t have to rush to the morning classes and do things peacefully in a systematic order.

2.      Eating breakfast is must for everyone, so for me also. I don’t miss breakfast much, but sometimes when I am late for the class, I have to make a choice between the eating breakfast and attending class. So I usually opt for latter one, but I find hard to concentrate in the class and it is tedious with the growling of my empty stomach.   To achieve this goal, I will seriously work on 1st point.

3.      I need to take care of my eyes seriously. Within the span of three months, my eyesight has been worsening from -0.25 to -0.75, what an achievement, bravo! Even with the spectacles and sitting on the second row, I can’t properly read the things on board and slides projected on the wall. I must admit that I have been indeed very careless with foolish reason of the spectacle being too heavy. I will wear spectacle every time. (God! I hate it L)

4.      Friends and family have always been telling me to control my laughter (really loud?) in the public place (I am allowed to laugh openly in room *wink*). I would rather save myself getting punched from some angry fellow.

5.      Haha…. A bossy friend of mine has pointed out that after a month long internship in the winter, I have become a little bossy. So I want to eradicate that bossiness from me J

6.      I am sarcastic sometimes and I want to uproot the sarcasm plant completely from me. Hope it hasn’t fully grown to deep rooted tree, finger crossed ;)

7.      Well, now the social network fever have been subsided in me and I don’t chat much, when I do, I found myself communicating in a different language i.e. a language of short cut. I wasn’t very proud of that, so I am working on it and I am almost back to normal track but I need to be cautious and I am yet to recover fully.

These are my little contributions towards myself as of now. If any more comes up, I will update my list and myself and work on it. Many people might have habits they aren’t proud of, if you all have habits like me then make a list and work on itJ

Oh…wait…wait, I forgot to add one thing,

8.      Sleeping during day time, I sleep like a log (very, very bad habit). If I sleep then I have to sleep for minimum three hours, which cause massive destruction to my schedule and worst during examination time. So no sleeping during day time, hopefully.


  1. haha u have very less things to work on than mine..

  2. I hope u be able to achieve wishes