Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mystery of Eternal Battle for Justice

It is the story narrated by one of my friend based on true story that happened three generations ago in her village. The names of the characters have been changed.

Aum Pema was very hardworking and kindhearted divorcee in late 30s. Being elder, she had inherited handsome properties with the good numbers of domestic animals. Her only sister, Yangday helped her with household chores while her brother in-law Sonam looked after cattle and horses. She was one of the independent and wealthy women from her village.

She was divorced and happy. She loved her sister’s children as if they were her own children. She was mostly fond on 7 years old Wangmo who was second eldest daughter of four. Though she spoke with lisp, she was good at singing and had no problem of lisp while singing. She sometimes taught nieces to sing.

Unfortunately, one night Aum Pema passed away in her sleep. Her funeral was carried out with the utmost respect by her sister and husband.

Few months later, Yangday was harvesting maize when she saw Wangmo smiling and waving her hand. She smiled as she saw her elder daughter on the balcony babysitting the younger siblings.

That night Wangmo had high fever and muttered endlessly in her sleep. Yangday attended her daughter as she behaved strangely.  Time and again she struggled as if someone was strangulating her, forcefully pushing her blanket with the legs until she drenched herself in sweat and battled to exhaustion.

Immediately priest was called and concerned neighbor and relatives came to render a possible assistance.

At midnight, again Wangmo wake up and began wrestling on her own. When her father went near her, she kicked him hard and yelled him to stay away from her. All were shocked, Yanday tried to stop but priest shook his head signaling her not to. After full silence of minute or two, Wangmo sobbed and repeatedly said “Go away, let me breath…..please don’t kill me.”

The spectators were shocked and the way Wangmo spoke with the lisp and accent were like her aunt Pema.

The priest asked her what she was trying to say, in very tone with the lisp like Aum Pema, Wangmo answered “I was sleeping when I heard tangible noise and opened my eyes, I saw two men whose face were fully covered with some clothes squatted both sides of the bed. I was about to shout when the one at the right with the pillow in his hand covered my mouth with full forces. I struggled with all my energy to free myself but I was no match. I managed to get hold of dagger which was kept under my pillow and injured the guy on his hand.”

The people were shocked with the revelation that Aum Pema whom they believed died in her sleep was actually murdered.  No one suspected that she was murdered as when she was found death in the morning, she was in normal shape, and there were no traces of struggle or stain of blood or even wrinkled bed. The criminal might had wiped evidences clearly. Nobody knew who and why Aum Pema was murdered?

Even today, Aum Wangmo’s soul blends with the living body and narrate how she was killed by two masked men on that night. Her house was abandoned long ago due to paranoid activities. Even today when people bypass near from her house at night, one can hear a lady singing and clear clinking of the utensils.
It is believed that if an innocent is killed brutally, a soul seeks justice and until they find justice they wander and wander and some even land up wandering eternally.


  1. Wow it is really a wonderful piece.

  2. Believe it or not, this thing may happen, anywhere.... around the world.

  3. Nice story Cheki. Appreciation to your friend for the narration and to you for bringing it here for us!