Thursday, June 19, 2014


I was studying when I heard an irritating screeching kind of scratching sound from behind. I looked back and saw kittens climbing on wire mesh door. It was their trick to get inside the room. In a defeat, I opened the door in their service and they majestically walked into my rooms and directly climbed on my bed to take a nap.

I am not a pet person, I prefer taking care of kids to pets. Dogs and cats get on my nerve and irks me a lot. I had to ask Yanday to take her kittens back. She is fond of these kittens and I am not. At first, I chased them out the moment I sensed their presence. I hated when it blocked my ways and I would go mad when I saw their furs on my bed. The kittens were least bother with my unfriendliness. They were too witty and somehow managed to get inside the room. They were pretty harmless and admittedly adorable. 

Gradually, they dug a space in my heart. Though irritating sometimes, I loved when one of them patiently wait (there were three and all looked same), while I struggled with the books in hand to unlock the door. With the grace of royalty, she would go inside the room and take a nap on my bed. It became routine. There was an undeniable nameless bond developed between us. 

They suddenly stopped coming to my rooms and surprisingly I missed them enough to ask their whereabouts. Yanday said that one of the cook took them. She said with the approaching exam, she couldn’t take care of them and moreover when she leaves for vacation there is no one to look after them. She assured that they are in safe hand. She had every reasons to send them away but I was little disappointed. The days got busier and eventually they slipped out of my mind. 

Tashi, who stays at self-catering hostel above the cooks’ residence, asked me to help with the packing of luggage. Instead of short cut, I took the road way only to greet by the corpse of kitten. I abruptly stopped and no doubt it was the same kitten that used to sleep peacefully on my bed. The private vehicles or taxi who came to pick up students leaving for vacation might have hit it.

I felt the pain loss for my companion. I was unusually silent. Over a dinner, friends might have noticed so they start teasing who is Mr.X that took my heart home with him. In a filmy style, one of the friends said that they don’t want my physical presence but the real me.

 “Stop it. I am mourning.” I said.
“Sorry! You should have told us before. ?” Sonam asked and asked me who died.
“A kitten, she was hit by car.” I said.
All of them laughed in my face.
“Don’t be rude. I am serious.”
They all gave me ‘are you out of mind?’ look. I needed a moment alone. I was tired and excused myself.

Just that they are animal doesn't mean they don't feel.

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  1. Sorry for the departure of the kitten Cheki! Take care!