Sunday, June 22, 2014

Person On the Mirror

Today, for the first time I couldn’t meet the eyes of the person I was seeing on the mirror. She taunted me for being coward, for I couldn’t let go of little things. She accused me for holding a wrong reason rather than rectifying with the greater reason. She was clearly ashamed of the way I acted and she is not wrong. She told me I have become just another person in the world who is putting everything at stake with the silly reason. She chastised me for being weakling who has lost an ability to see through the lens of judgment. She said I have let her down with my indifference to the situations. She reminded me that I was never like this and begged me to change before disasters swallow me. She wished me to be grateful of good things the person did to me and forgive the little mistakes same person did. She advised me that if I want, I can undo to the hurt by erasing it from my memory.

I listened and agreed to person on the mirror but on one condition: she has to let me wear the layers of protective cautionary shield.


  1. I am unheard of that little voice too. Well written Tshering. Loved it :)

  2. we become indifference when we dont wnt to feel anything when the situations are out of hand and in this way we loose who we are and that is the saddest thing. so alys listen to ur inner voice....sometime it is the only thing that keep us on the right track