Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Way

What if I do something different?
What if I do something wrong and stupid?
What if I fail?
What if world laughs at me?
What if.........

I realized those lines questioned every move I intended to take and have let the opportunities slip (I don’t remember how many times but quite enough to lose a count of it). So, I started playing safe never daring to do something new, exciting and challenging. I was afraid of the failure and its repercussions and more then that I was afraid of the world. I thought I will be outcast and taunted. I gave importance to the words and whisper of every mouth and neglected the single soul shouting from within. I was contented doing that, it was safe but incomplete, I was never really happy.

I questioned myself every day, where was I heading with it? The answer was obvious, nowhere. I was living in a typical way everybody wants me to, not the way I would love to; the way society function, the way expected by the parents, friends and people around, the way everyone is silently and contentedly following. It is clear that I can’t shut every mouth but I can close my ears. I decided to do in my way, happily.

This isn’t my story alone but many of us just existing and surviving, listening to the words of every mouth. Listen to your heart and do in your way after all it’s your life not a public property.  I am creating my own way, have taken a first step by listening to my heart. A long unpredictable journey ahead waits but its worth pursuing, fighting and eventually I will make a happy ending one. This is my way!

The moment I started living,
The sky smile from above,
The wind dances with me,
And the earth said “That’s the way".


  1. Keeping worries and sorts of thoughts within, are poison to health and getting happiness is impossible. No solutions could be found with worries burning inside, speaking out and sharing it is a solution itself. Nice one Tshering.

  2. Gud n hope u find happiness listening to ur voice within. Gudluck