Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sholay Moments with Parents

I stared at the blank screen for few good minutes. I don’t know what I was doing and what I am going do; all I knew was that I am going to do something with the laptop. First instinct was to pick it up and throw at the farthest place with all little energy I had. 

The moment that crossed my mind, I saw my father yelling at me with eye size of owl and myself hanging upside down from the brown fan. He was Gabbar of Sholay and was asking Sambha (my mother) who was at Gabbar’s beck and call and here, I am Thakur waiting for the verdict after throwing laptop.

Gabbar: Hmmmm….kitne paisa diya tha rey iss laptop ka? (How much did we pay for this laptop?)

Sambha: Ji sardar, 42000/-. (Yes master, 42000/-)

Gabbar: Woah…woah…Thakur! Tumne laptop phaeg diya aur mera paisa kha gaya. (You threw laptop and wasted my money.)

Thakur: Maine woh kiya jo mujhe aus wakt thik samjha. (I did what I felt right at that moment.)

Gabbar: Hahahaaaaa…..Sambha, kitchen mein kitne knife hai re? (Sambha, how many knives are there in kitchen?)

Sambha: Ji sardar, teen. (Yes master, three.)

Gabbar: Yeh Haat hamka de de Thakur taki tum laptop phir kabhi nahin phaeg sake. (Give me your hand so you can’t throw laptop again.)

Thakur: Nahiiiin…. (No…..) I shouted as Gabber aka father chops off both my hand. 

I didn’t dare to throw laptop after replaying a family version of blockbuster movie Sholay after all I didn’t want to get my hands chop off. I discarded the idea of throwing laptop and began writing ‘Sholay Moments with Parents’.
Sholay (1975)

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