Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

 An Emotional Outburst on New Year

 I don’t want to make a long list of promises I can’t keep. I don’t have any resolutions to welcome New Year. I don’t want to start fresh; I want to continue what I have been doing.  This 2015 will be year of honesty and dedication. I can’t say year will be a great but I assure you that I won’t stop moving on. It will be lie to say that I won’t complain because at one point or other I will be whining over a simple thing. You may hear an occasional sobs at mid night but will try to fill more with laughter. Don’t define me based on my weakness but the strength I will show to endure and overcome that weakness. It’s an honesty speaking not a pessimist. I would rather be practical than philosophical.  

No promises but I shall continue reading and writing. I find solace in reading and I somehow feel connected to the world when I read.  Sometimes the very book I am reading speaks the undefined things that have been running wild in my mind in a most discrete way. Its showcase the beautiful feelings I am feeling in the most beautiful way. Reading books bestow you with undulating stories wrapped in a rich vocabulary with an ease of a systematic grammar. I ride along with the stories. Sometimes, some books give you a feeling of liberation you have been desperately searching for. Sometimes, I can’t help questioning how author knows me so well when I read some books. Reading is a best friend a man can have.

I confide today that I could never say half the words I write on diary. It’s easy for me to write my feelings on a piece of paper than telling a person who could never understand without judging. No promises, I will read and write. Good luck 2015.

Life is not an easy but worth living.

Happy New Year to All :D


  1. Happy New Year and keep your spirit up!!! Jia you bumo!!! :)

  2. Hi ma'am Tshering, Happy New Year 2015. I wish you to have happiness all the upcoming chapters of your life. May you blossom into a beautiful flower of yourself, your dear beloved parents and this nice nation. Hope you are doing great with sound in health. God bless you. Do great. Have fun. Regards from me. Take Care. :)