Friday, April 8, 2016

Of Writing


Are you even worth the time I spend thinking, staring, dreaming and falling in love with the idea of you? I always have you in the deepest corner of my heart, rooted there, claiming the space as if you own it. The thoughts of you sooth my soul like you are precisely the one I have been looking for. I can see myself sitting near the window, engulfed in you, loving you and shaping you with my little fingers, bleeding the thoughts on you, transferring all the memories on you, creating the things I wished, giving the life to varieties of personalities I lacked, venturing into the places I have never heard but always wanted to go, exactly doing the things I have never dreamed of. All I want is you; to break free through you, to live my entire life in you, to be eternal through you and most importantly to tell my tale through you. The idea of you fascinate me enough to toss everything I have just to pursue you because everything I have is nothing without you. You define everything all I ever wanted in life.

The thoughts of my life without you give me a chill in the heart; can feel soul sinking in depth of depression and can feel myself weighing down with the absence of your touch in my life. You are the sweet addiction I never want to get rid of. All I ever wanted to see is my ideas making love with my finger passionately, continuously and forever; writing till I last breath.

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