Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Women in 20s

To all the women in 20s who are still in a hangover from their teenage days and are reluctant to embrace womanhood as it scares soul out of you, I will tell you that you are going to be fine. You are going to gracefully bloom to woman, till then have patience and do not stress out.

Yes, losing your card of being a girl may be bit uncomfortable but you have just upgraded yourself as a woman, a responsible and a sensible one. Isn’t that rewarding? To tell you frankly, it isn’t, as it totally sucks as you are prematurely shoved all the things and you will hardly find a time to balance the transition of being a student to working lady. Yet, I will stamp my confidence and tell you that you are going to carry it with an epitome grace and you won’t let yourself question with uncertainties.

And one thing, never, I said ‘NEVER’ seek validation from others. If you need, just ask yourself. Their validation shouldn’t govern your life. You should be strong enough to make your own judgment.

Don’t let success of others bog you or failure of other feed your ego, grow in your pace and growth should be continual and never stop learning. Some of your friends will be more successful, earning double the amount you earn, advancing in relations, galloping in life but that shouldn’t make you feel less of person you are. Remember, do not compare yourself to them and make your life miserable. You have your own pace, only you need to match with your own steps.

Often, late at nights, you will find yourself wide awake questioning “What the hell am I doing? Where the hell is my life leading?” Do not freak out, having uncertainties show that you are aware of ambiguity of life.

You have finally levelled up your game and you will be your own in-charge. You will be solely responsible for every action, you be held accountable for everything you do and sometimes, things you don’t do also.  Nothing to worry about as you are mature enough to handle like a boss.

You will make a smooth (sarcasm) transition from worrying about good grades to paying bills on time. You will graduate from watching those Korean Dramas as well to venture into DIY and culinary videos on YouTube.

On Finances: Settling and saving at the same time will almost look like an impossible thing but you just have to plan and start saving. It will be tempting to buy anything that catches your eyes but impulse shopping will leave you more broke than you were in college. Be generous with yourself, never extravagant.

But most importantly, you will be liberatingly independent. Fiercely independent, a luxury of freedom you have been always yearning for. Enjoy this phase before 30s phase start kicking off.

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Women in 20s