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Losing a Son

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Gray Rainbow

The world seems to have stopped Its move at your doorsteps. Those melted clock on the wall, Frozen yogurt in the fridge, Laden dust in the corner And the stopped heart at other.
Barely a whisper lacked the meaning And the life has lost its luster, Never imagined a gray rainbow; it existed When the seasons of color mourn And existence began to heavily weigh Beyond the will to carry on.
The never enough winter’s sunshine To light the smile on everyone’s face. Those eyes, full of thousand stories, Buried all when she closed for the last time. The world is a miracle of miseries Ready to applaud when it is others’.

Fighting Them

For hours, I flipped the pages going deeper through the eyes of Toru Watanabe in Norwegian Wood. I finally gave up to strained eyes and striking midnight. The fatigue easily induced sleep. Long before I could process the thoughts or complain about the nights, I subconsciously slipped into another world. The monsoon and rain, not much to complain.
I woke in the middle of the night by soft knock on the door followed by the bouncing of basketball. Alarmed, I reached for cellphone to check the time ‘Seriously? 1:48am, who the hell is playing basketball at this hour?’ The urge to get out and smack the punk was more than failing heart at that moment.
My ghost walked through bedroom door, main door and verandah door without unlatching a single door. She had a cricket bat clasped tightly. FYI a cricket bat from neighboring kid. Black tights were complimented well by the black boots and leather jacket, a top tied hair and fire in her eyes. The full moon illumination made it picture perfect jus…

Savvy Time

She waited for him to return for so long Savvy was the time, who witnesses the futility of the wait Cruelty of the fate, duality of the game played by thy love. The innocence perishes with the betrayal The pain was slyed with the veil of hatred. Did her heart bleed and eyes puff from crying? Nah, she was too strong for the display of weakness From the continuous denial of the emotion surfacing, She eventually became void of emotions. Savvy was the time, a witness of all It will unfold what fate has stored for her Will time seal the past and heal the pain? Nah, fate seems to have another sinister plan.

Musing: Note to Self

The usual emotional rollercoaster ride in recent times had me thinking for so long and ultimately knocked me with the revelations of the blessings in my life. Admittedly I have had enough of complaining and whining, exaggerated the petty things and started being so pessimist for so long to lose the days of my life. Now, when I take a long breath and look into my life I realize I am truly blessed to have so many things in my life. I take a moment to be grateful for the gracious generosity bestowed upon me by life, of course in an abundance. I have everything I needed and more than that I am gifted with the ability to achieve whatever I need. I am not going to belittle the beauty of life by worrying or complaining.
Just another day in a regular conversation with myself, I was grinning like a fool for many satisfying experiences with the life. Sometimes it is in the little things we find the joy of life. My preference over life have really changed in a recent times such as listening to li…

A Cup of Tea

“A cup of tea.” I said. 
“Anything else.” She asked. 
“No, thanks. I just had a lunch.” I said. I looked into the diagonal pattern of table cloths in red and white, stain from ezay was still there. Mental note to self, if I open a restaurant, never to buy a white linen clothes. But white is a color of purity, only if you can keep it clean.
I started guessing the dimension of the room, looking at the aesthetic view of particle board paneling on the wall but timber paneling wouldhave been better, rich creamy colour of wall and I was doing everything to keep myself from running away.
Run away but why and from whom?
“Hey? Tshering? Why are you so lost?”
I jerked from the inner monologue and her confused inquiring eyes made me more perplexed.
“Huh? Sorry, nothing.” I said and looked into beautiful frame with a black and white painting of an old man. I stopped breathing when I looked at the serenity and contentment on his face despite ragged clothes, barefoot and scarred face.
“Tssheringgg.” Her …

An Escape from Life

Last December, I quit both my job and relationship because I wasn’t happy. It made sense in every way, I didn’t find a reason to live by compromising with my happiness. I simply walked away from things that made me unhappy. I realized I am good at walking away. But how long and far will I walk away from the people and things? I wrapped up things with my job and love, packed and came to place to start a new life. Fast forward six months, new things aren’t new anymore and I am not happy. I was wrong, changing place and people will not change unless I change myself. But staying in one place for long sickens me. A fresh start won’t help unless you are that old whining you. I am constantly questioning myself “What do I want?”, “Happiness” Is an instant answer. Is it too much to ask for? I don’t think I am reasonably being unreasonable by asking for it. What is happiness? There, you see I get stuck, I don’t know what happiness is? Nothing scares me more than not knowing what makes me happy.…