Sunday, September 21, 2014


When my mind scream,
My mouth listen
And that’s when I am silent.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Drop of Rain

The first drop of rain fell on my face,
Rolling, it made way down the face,
When it touches the edge of my mouth,
It tasted salty; I wonder, is rain salty or the tears,
Which got mixed with the drop of rain?

As thunder roar from the mighty sky,
I didn’t block my ears or shout as usual,
It didn’t even scare me today.
May be, I am tired of the noises in my mind
Which have been lately getting on my nerves?

For the first time in my life,
I wished lightning can last more than a few seconds,
And flash little longer,
To light the path I am unable to see
And clear the little noises in my head.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Life in A-Z

Amazing is my life,
‘Bizarre’ best describe it,
Chaos is part of it,
Determined I try to be,
Embracing the challenges,
Focusing on goals,
Gambling with the risks,
Honestly fighting,
Instantly never won,
Juggling with ups and downs,
Knucklehead I can be,
Laughing really loud,
Moving with the flaws,
Never ever giving up,
Oblivious, when I chose to be,
Practicing on weakness,
Quivering with the pains,
Regretting few moments,
Swirling with the winds,
Talking with the stars,
Ultimately being myself.
Vividly capturing the moment by,
Writing my heart out.
X, the word I can’t start with,
Yawning at the moment and
Zealously, stopping writing with a smile. 


If tears define the pain,
What about the smile that hides one?
Hurt are not only one who express always,
But also who fights from within without a hint.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

20 Things About Me :)

20 things about me J Nothing good nothing bad, original me.

1. I laugh really loud.
2. I maintain personal diary. *Writing soothes me*.
3. I can’t sleep with lights on and noise around.
4. I sleep like a log and it’s hard to wake me up.
5. I give 100% in friendship. Friends are most beautiful gift I got.
6. I do things haphazardly. I do things at last moment.
7. I get nervous easily and start blurting up nonsense.
8. I am fond of teasing and pulling legs of friends.
9. I love reading books (once upon a time my ambition was Librarian).
10. Mistakes are my teacher. I make lots of mistakes.
11. I am funny most of the time.
12. Family is my first priority.
13. I love kids; I can't get off my hands from them.
14. I am not a pet person.
15. I like watching 'Comedy Nights with Kapil' and can laugh for full episode.
16. Often I need to call from friend's cell to trace my phone.
17. I am forgetful :( I am expert in misplacing things.
18. I am not a romantic person but I believe in true love.
19. I am a dreamer and often love a moment myself.
20. I can never sing a song in tune with correct lyrics. I literally murder good songs.