Friday, June 26, 2015


I will sink into my thoughts
And let my imagination bleed
While I continue to give shape to the little wonders
That wander in my mind by writing it.
I am not sure of what I am going to write,
I felt the need to write for past few days
But I just couldn’t ponder on what to write.
Damn! I can’t write more than this.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Myths and Fallacies of Studying

I am currently studying Unit 8: New Development in Earthquake Design Philosophy of Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings, the sub-topic reads ‘The Myth and Fallacies of Earthquake Engineering.’ Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you guys by discussing the content because I am yet to see what is there in it. Am I the only one or anyone experienced like everything become interesting during exam time except studying?

I am going to tell you about the myth and fallacies of studying, mind you, it is purely based on my experiences and if it resembles to you in any manner, stay cool, know that you are the not only one experiencing the ‘Chronic Disease of Not Studying Syndrome’ aka CDNSS.

Let me tell you about the factors triggering the disease. Hold your breath, I am going to reveal ugly truth you will hate to admit. If any of the following occurs with you, beware that you are likely to or already suffering from CDNSS.

You have thousand reasons to study but you come up with thousand and one reasons not to.

An excuse of an unavoidable situation during exam time to visit town that could take just half an hour but you choose to waste half a day loitering, eating and shopping things you don’t need.

If you can stay till the crack of dawn downloading latest movies or watching movies or chatting, but if asked to study seriously, you will be like ‘drooling on the notebook sleeping like a lost puppy in the rain at parapet nearby your house’. 

You have to sacrifice sleep to make up for the time they wasted, but you will be sleeping 1-2 hours after every 15 minutes of studying.

You have to abstain from social networking websites during exam time, you will be full on with hashtag on instagram, tweeting nonsense at twitter, at people nearby on wechat, online on whatsapp, updating/commenting on status on facebook or blogging nonsense like me now.

Ok…let me tell you about the stages in CDNSS.

Pre-Stage: When exam is a month away, you are cool with an attitude ‘I still have 30 more days to go. I can have 5 days allocated for studying each module.’

Stage I: ‘Darn! I am yet to start studying,’ you have exam in a week. You plan to study other modules in a gap after writing one paper.

Stage II: You have exam tomorrow, you dream with opened books and closed eyes. You didn’t even finish reading once when your friends are doing second revision.

Stage III: Red Alert! You are critically ill with CDNSS. You give up studying and plan to sit for re-assessment. And you are doomed. BOOM!!!

Hmmm…..regarding me, I mastered all the stages. Just kidding…of course I am studying. I was bored and needed a break, so I thought I could lighten up by writing something humorous and nonsense. Good luck with exams, folks(of course only if you are writing or planning to write one). Fighting! Take care: D