Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Sob sob…I heard an intangible sob on the other end of the phone.
“What happen, Sonam?” a protective and concerned sister in me spoke.
“I got a semester back.” I gathered the paused words she managed to speak in between in sobs. Failing is definitely not great news. Hiding a little disappointment in me and after a moment of preparation of speech in mind, I repeated “It may not be true. Did you confirm it? It’s ok. Where are you? Office…Just don’t cry in the office.” I couldn’t imagine colleagues staring at a crying intern in the office.

She asked me to check online on her college website. A worst fear was confirmed when her roll no. was punched in the command box. She failed in three modules out of six with a verdict of fail written in capital letter. I punched another roll no. randomly and when screen displayed result.

“Your friend Miss X failed in all modules and I am glad that you managed to pass in three papers.” I could hear a little laugh mixed with sob.
“Apa will scold me.” I heard a terror in her voice.
“Don’t worry. I will tell him and I am sure he will understand. “ I told her unsure of myself.
Every child is scared of revealing a result to parents especially a failure, we were not exception. The fact that we siblings have not failed before aggravate the situation. Though they may not have mentioned, I know that parents have great expectation from us
“Do you want to tell me now?” I asked.
“No!” she screamed.
“Ok. I will tell him after I get my results. I am also scared but I think I will manage to pass with one or two reassessments.”
“Ok.” I heard a sob again.
“It’s ok dear. It’s not a big deal. One of my friends failed twice.” I made a blunt attempt to make her feel good by telling that she is not a first to get a semester back.

Four days passed since her results were out and I still haven’t talked with parents. My results weren’t out. I was restlessly apprehensive and a dream of flying downwards was escalating a worst fear in me.

I was in a shower when Sonam Choden banged a door, “Tshering result out dewa, we are the only two with reassessment (RA) in DCS- II.”
“What DCS-II, only two of us?” I shouted back.
“Yes, only two of us. I don’t feel like studying in vacation.” She said.

My heart sank with disappointment as I didn’t expect to get RA in DCS-II. I didn’t perform that well in ECT, so I asked “Me neither. I didn’t bring any books. Better report early to the college and study. What about ECT?”
“All passed in ECT.”
“OK. I will rinse my hair and come out soon.”
“Tshering……” Sonam screeched.
“What?” in an irritated tone I answered.
“We passed without any RA.” She cheered.
“Wait ok. I will kill you.” I meant it when I said.

The fact I passed clean didn’t wash away the tension building inside. I had a task to tell the news of sister’s result.

After rehearsing for several times, I dialed apa’s number and conversed “Apa…how are you? I am fine. Yes, I am staying with friends in Chukha. 6 weeks, I will come home after that. Where are you? What are you doing at school? Today is Sunday. farewell party of a teacher. Ok…result is out and I passed without any RA. Yaya….call me back when you are home. I have something to tell you. Yaya.” I couldn’t tell then as I didn’t want to ruin his mood.

I called ama and told about my results. She asked about sister, after few seconds of silence I told her “Ama…Sonam failed this semester.”
“Is Daza fine? “Was ama’s first question. There was neither scolding nor disappointment in her voice but a concerned about the well being of a sister.

I couldn’t hide from ama that little sister was distracted, worried and scared. Then only, mother figured out why Sonam was avoiding call from her. She asked me to console and tell her not to worry. Mother will be always mother, the well being of the children always come first. I was fool to make ama worry unnecessarily; I could have skipped crying in the office part.

I had to explain the wheel of academic of RUB to her.
“So, Sonam will not go college for next six months. I will talk with Apa. Tell Daza not to worry much and eat well. “ Ama asked.

When I talked with sister yesterday, she was laughing that Apa told her that he failed when he was in class four but also he never gave up. I love the way how Apa wittily conveyed a message to Sonam. Hopefully, Sonam seemed to understand what Apa meant. Apa has always been like that always joking and making us laugh. Ama is bit serious and reserved. We were worried with the false presumptions that they will scold us for failure. They never did, they always support us.

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  1. Congrats Cheki for passing all your exams! Keep it up! :)

  2. Congratulation ma'am Cheki for your good result. Hope all is going well with sound in health. Do Great. Take care. :)

  3. Thank you Ma'am Rima and Ugyen. Best wishes to both of you. Take care :D

  4. i was really touched with your parents support and i do appreciate you the most anyway,take care,though i did go through it now,its interesting post,keep writing albeit you are busy..