Monday, April 8, 2019

Reviving Blogging

Blogging was a rage then, I used to check now and then for the updates from fellow bloggers and it never disappointed me. Whenever I refreshed the reading lists, there used to be new updates. Time has changed since then, after almost a year or two break from blogging, looks like almost all the bloggers I used to ardently follow left or are hardly active. So, I am not only the one who lost touch with the world of blogging. Only couple of posts from few bloggers surfaces on the reading list. I was curious enough to check individual blogs hoping its some technical glitch and error with my settings for no updates. Sadly, it is not as majority of them last updated a year or two ago and few domain doesn’t even exist.

There is a strange ache of loss and longing for wanting to see them writing again. Then, I realize moving on is the way of life. We can never hold on to past and block the inevitable future or mess the present. We must learn to accept the truth. Sooner, the better. What happened to us? Did really living and responsibilities engulfed our passion? Reality check; the work pressure, social and domestic responsibilities, family time and at an end of a day, we hardly have a time to spare to write. We are exhausted, aren’t we? The cycle plays on loop and blogging got sidelined. Well, that’s what happened to me plus I didn’t have anything meaningful to write. Not worthy of publishing even if I managed to scribble. Not that it makes sense now but I am trying to do what gives me a joy. It has always been my escape and it always will be, for that sole reason, I am reviving blogging.

People blog for different reasons and for me, it has always been personal. I am kind of weird, I wouldn’t say half the things I write. I expressed well through writing. If I have to say, words get clogged on throat and feeble heart gave away. Not a vocal person but if I am given a liberty to express in writing, I can go on and on, like Rachel Green of F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom, can write 16 pages letter  front and back.

Past couple of years after graduation have been roller coaster ride both professionally and personally. I have shelved myself in and cut all the ties from the world. I just wanted a lone time to figure and understand the meaning of life. Quite a quest (laugh), am yet to get the answer but I got redirected to path of enjoying the process of living. Getting too philosophical? Yay, stop me but that’s the reason I am blogging, to share the journey and learning from the life. Take anything that comes on your way, it teaches us many valuable lessons. I am still a lost soul finding way back home but can safely say that am better than the person I was yesterday. Each day, I am trying best to be better version of myself. Hope I will rise above ground and I have many things to learn. Being positive to be positive towards everything.

Writing is a haven for my soul, and blogging shelters it.


  1. True! same with me. it has become a distant dream. keep it up!

    1. Thank you for visiting. Take care and I hope you hold on to your dream no matter how distant i has become. Good day ahead.


Reviving Blogging