Saturday, November 8, 2014

There She Was

There she was, sitting at the edge of bench, swinging her legs and head bowed down. The same hairs dazzled with the rays of sun and gently flutter as wind rhythmically blew. Her free falling hair guarded the beautiful face but he knew that her eyes will be always same; a big, beautiful and bright one which revealed all the emotions like a child. Her eyes: mischievous yet innocent tricks she carried, beaming with the unconditional happiness next and sometimes sunken with mysterious pain and sometimes sparkling with the misty tears which she didn’t let to fall. The same eyes, he had and has fallen in love over and over and haunted for years.

There she was, few walks away from him wearing a comfortable red sweatshirt with a denim shorts and red handbag which was patiently resting next to her, his lips quirk upward as he knew she loved red. She would wear red clothes in confidence back then also. From the books she carried to a nail she painted, all were red. He would look at her in an amusement asked himself “Who would love red?” but she did, with a passion.

‘Be a gentleman and stop staring at her.’ He scolded himself in vain. Soon, a toddler ran towards her in his tiny feet and she embraced him in a fierce hug, lifting him in the air and planting a kiss on the right cheek. He could see that her eyes were different now; a possessive yet compassionate with warmth in it and there was an undeniable maturity in it. A man and a girl child holding his hand made way to her completing the picture of a perfect and happy family. Whole scene made him envious of well-built handsome man next to her. If only he had little courage back then, he would be there standing with her with the kids instead of that lucky man. He was coward; he has always been like that. Like always, he turned to walk his path never daring to cross her.

“Tobden?” he froze as she called his name with the same sweet voice. He turned and saw her full on smile as she waved to him like an old friend.

“Hi” he walked towards Delkar and her family. A little boy was messing her hair and a man smiled at him with a courtesy. 

“What are you doing here?” Delkar asked him as child continued messing her hair. She grasped his little hand and starting shaking lightly but unconsciously.

“I am recently transferred here. I didn’t know you are working here.” He replied calmly with a dignified composure hiding the reckless turmoil inside him.

“No, I don’t. Actually I came here to visit my brother. Sorry! I forgot to introduce. This is my elder brother and he stays here. These are my cute nephew and niece.” She touched the chubby cheek of a girl while introducing.

Relieve washed his face as he heard Delkar saying “Brother, this is Tobden, my classmate.” Somewhere deep down in his heart, a hope sparked and started flickering.


  1. Beautiful description. hope you have completed that story by now :)

    1. Nope dear, I am yet to complete it. Lazy me :P

  2. That was a beautiful.It was really nice.

  3. Thank you so much Ma'am Rima and Kipchu Namgyel. Take care :)