Friday, November 14, 2014

No Matter

No matter how hard life gets,
I will learn to smile.
No matter how heavy it rains,
I will enjoy soaking in it.
No matter how fast life runs,
I will eventually catch it.
No matter how steeper it becomes,
I will climb till top.
One day, life will be bored
With me trying and never giving up
And will let me live the way
I want, without interrupting.


  1. That's the spirit.I got to learn that from you.No matter what we will make no excuses.Nice post.

  2. the way you look into life - great spirits. Keep going

  3. wiser thoughts la..keep going with same level...thanks

  4. That's a nice optimistic inspiring poem for everyone of us. My appreciation for you la. Live your words and life will surely reward you in abundance. Hope all is well. God bless you. Do Great. Regards from me. Take Care. :)

  5. Thank all of you for the lovely support. Take care.