Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Under Which Category Do You Fall?

2:17 pm
The wall clock above the whiteboard proudly displayed. Still 43m to go. Two hours block period right after heavy lunch isn’t easy both for students and lecturer. Thank god! Sir Tshewang Lhendup informed that he will be discussing the solution of a recent term test question after completing the questions we were solving.

Sir began writing on the board. I, in vain search the test paper by flipping my notebook and design codes before finally giving up. There was something written on the board which wasn’t the solution of test paper. He might have noticed students battling to keep their eyes open as he wrote;

Great people discuss ideas,
Average people discuss events,
And small people discuss people.

“So under which category do you fall? Does anyone here discuss ideas?” he asked. As always, silence replied him.

“May be ideas like how to cheat in the exam.” his statement earned giggles from the class this time.

He read lines from the board and said that he read those lines from somewhere in the morning. “We Bhutanese rarely discusses ideas. If we were discussing ideas, we wouldn’t be too dependent on neighboring countries.”

 He pointed that starting from the pen we are writing to the gho he is wearing is imported. Everything here is imported. He wittily expressed his concern for nation “hope this dependency of importing stuffs from other country won’t export us from our own country.”

“People here usually discuss people; who is dating whom? How big and expensive car is he/she driving? Who is cheating their spouse in the absence? That person is corrupted or she/he is behind the bars? What is he/she wearing? Who is who? Something like that.”

As he continued “Some discuss events such as a party, but at the end they lend up discussing people. But they rarely discuss ideas. An idea which can change a life, but nobody bothers to discuss.”

He said that people juggle their conversations from events to people and people to people only. Wouldn’t it be amazing to discuss ideas and concrete it?  
He asked again “So under which category do you fall? This is a thought for a day.

“Now back to term test question…………………”


  1. Nice post.I must be falling in the third category as I am Bhutanese.Ha ha!
    Actually you are discussing ideas through your blog.

    1. Haahaa...same here, can't help it Bhutanese by birth :)

  2. I am under the third category as well :p Beautiful one (y)

    1. By default we are, I guess :) :) Take care :D

  3. haha.... i guess i know my categoy :P

  4. Hahaha... I was doing the same too as Lekey, sometimes :P