Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Plan

I said ‘now’
And they asked “how?”
I explained all,
While eating a chocolate ball.
I gave little wink,
And some turned all pink.
Heard an escaped ‘wow!’
“Why haven’t I thought before, holy cow!”
“Are you really serious?”
They all looked little curious.
I said I’ve never been so sure,
And they said I act more mature.
“What if we are caught?”
‘Do exactly the way I taught.’
If not I will be solely responsible,
This is nearly impossible,
As there is no way a plan will fail,
Only its victory shall prevail.
And we must take little risk,
And shall dance in victory frisk,
“WOW! It will be fun and it’s pretty cool.”
‘Yeah it is, April fool!’


  1. As always, nice post. Keep on crafting more lyrical compositions.

    1. Thank you sir, I am truly humbled by your words.