Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Messy Day

“Hey! Wait for me. ” I shouted to my friend while hurriedly gathered the necessary items for the class. I locked the room and checked the time, there were still 10 minutes left, with the relief and assurance of reaching class on time, I doubled my speed to catch the friends.

‘Damn it.’ I cursed myself. In speedy action I forgot to bring a calculator, without which I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the class, even if I did, when the tutor finds out I will be chased out of the class with the scalding scolding. If I go back to the hostel, there is no way I can make to the class on time, a minute late and marked absent for a period. ‘Oh! God can’t you make things a little simpler.’

‘Take it easy’ I tried to calm myself and saw the angry rush of air released from the nostril. A day was a mess from the beginning. Woke up and found out only half an hour left to get ready for the class, rushed to the bathroom and forgot to take toothpaste, raced back to the room to get it. Had to compromise with the god with a brief prayer and quick offering of water, hope god will forgive me. I busily replayed the action with the cursing murmur while going back to the hostel.

Something hard blocked my way, a stairway to hell (hostel) I realized. My right ankle got twisted outward, with the realization I tried to firm my grip on the ground, but in dismay, I fell hard on the ground with the loud bang. ‘Ala!” an exasperate moan escaped from me, I swallowed a lump of my own saliva to block the tears which threatened to come out of my eyes.

Saw the blood oozing from my right palm; which happened in defense to support the whole weight of the body had landed on the sharp edge rock which didn’t miss the chances to pierce my palm.

It wasn’t blood on the palm that claimed my attention, but the constriction of pain in the right ankle. Sighing out, I tried in vain to get up. ‘You must be kidding; I can’t sprain my ankle at the moment.’ I muttered to myself. ‘You already did’ my inner voice replied, adding an irritation.

“Sonam! Come here.” I shouted desperately as I saw my friend of electrical department who was going to the boys hostel.
“Why?” he replied bluntly.
“I need your help. I have sprained my leg.” I shouted.
“Stop kidding. I have class at 9 and I need to print lab manual.” He shouted back.
“Fine, thank you.” I replied with the pinch of sarcasm. I again cursed myself for not being serious all the time. When something serious happened in reality, nobody believes because I have been joking around all the time.

I pulled weighing right leg and made my way to the kitchen. I need to meet cook uncle to set it in the normal position. *sighhhh****

“What happened, Ashim?” a sweet voice asked me.

“I sprained my leg.” I pathetically answered to first year girl.

Instantly she lent her shoulder to support me. With the relief I thanked her.

“Where are you going, Ashim? Wouldn’t it better if we go to college infirmary?” she asked.

“Hmm… I am going to the kitchen to meet one of the cook uncles. He kind of takes care of sprain and fracture cases of college.” I explained sounding little foolish to myself.

“Don’t you have classes?” I asked with the guilt.

“I had but it is called off lo.” She replied with the grin.

‘Oh’ I shifted my weight lightly from her shoulder.

It felt like years before we reach to the kitchen and she hastily went in search of cook. Cook uncle came hurriedly wiping his hand in red pattern apron and inspected my ankle immediately. And said it is a minor one.

I felt the slicing pain as cook uncle took my ankle in his hand and shook in left and right direction. I closed my eyes to shun the increasing pain and tighten my fingers to tight fist ball. I felt the nerves in the neck projecting distinctly outward as I gritted my teeth to stop from choking from the pain.

“Take it easy and relax. In a minute, you will be fine.” I heard cook uncle assuring me. My ankle was gently being inspected, but suddenly he accelerated the speed and twisted left with full force. A chirping scream escaped from me and felt the wetness on the cheek.

“It’s done.” Cook uncle informed me. I reluctantly opened my eyes with the sense of embarrassment still hanging around and saw first year girl holding my hand. I shifted my gaze to right and found my cousin and friend Sonam standing in front of me.

“I am really sorry, Tshering. I thought you were joking.” He sounded sincere.

“It’s ok. Don’t you guys have classes?” I asked.

“I have practical class after lunch only.” My cousin replied.

“I have next in 15 minutes.” Sonam answered.

“Thank you Sonam. I am fine, you can go to class. What about you, sister?” I addressed to beautiful girl inside and out.

“I too have next class.” She replied with hesitation.

“Thank you so much dear. You can go to class.”

“Are you sure, Ashim?” She asked me with genuine concern.

“Yeah! Absolutely. My cousin will take me to college infirmary to plaster and to do further checkup. Thank you.” I answered with the smile.

They went hurriedly, I thanked cook and we proceeded to infirmary with the snail’s pace. On the way, I heard the constant ringing of the gong for the next period.

“OHHHH…WAIT…WAIT…WAIT” we have bell system only in school not in colleges. Suddenly the sound of bell boomed louder and louder…I instinctively put my both hands in ear to protect my eardrum from bursting. It grew it irritating with passing seconds compelling me to open my eyes.

‘What!’ I inspect the environment in confusion. I was in my bed cuddling in a very odd position with left thumb nail piercing the right ankle and it was a dawn. An alarm clock on the mobile again ringed. I stopped it and checked the time. It reads boldly ‘6:05 am’. So ‘I was dreaming!’ I grinned sheepishly.

‘A dream so real’ I muttered while getting up.


  1. Luckily it was just a dream Tshering!!!

    1. ;) A dream I dreamed with open eyes Take care :)

    2. Lolx! What an imaginary dream you had! :)

  2. Amazing! a captivating story written in a simple way with the twist in the end. I simply love it.

  3. A hell of dream In fact! Nice write up..