Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Life in A-Z

Amazing is my life,
‘Bizarre’ best describe it,
Chaos is part of it,
Determined I try to be,
Embracing the challenges,
Focusing on goals,
Gambling with the risks,
Honestly fighting,
Instantly never won,
Juggling with ups and downs,
Knucklehead I can be,
Laughing really loud,
Moving with the flaws,
Never ever giving up,
Oblivious, when I chose to be,
Practicing on weakness,
Quivering with the pains,
Regretting few moments,
Swirling with the winds,
Talking with the stars,
Ultimately being myself.
Vividly capturing the moment by,
Writing my heart out.
X, the word I can’t start with,
Yawning at the moment and
Zealously, stopping writing with a smile. 


  1. What a creative writing Cheki! Keep your idea flowing! :)

  2. Well crafted A-Z of you. Nice to know about you. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Ma'am and Sangay for the support. Take care :D

  4. Don't be xerophytic!..LOL...creative! keep it up

  5. loved going through it dear.....keep up the same spirit...:)