Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If There is Any Heaven on Earth its Here.....

The fresh air of unpolluted place untouched by the urbanization, the clear echo of chirping birds without disturbance from angry roaring vehicle, the beautiful rhythms of dancing bamboo with the assistance from the gentle wind, the vague sound of cowboy guiding his cattle to desired direction, the serenity overrules the place yet speaks a lot. The people busy in their own field yet have whole world time for each other when needed. No rush to attend meeting or class, no bumping with people while walking, no noise pollution, no inhaling of polluted air, nothing…. but everything, it is so calm, quiet and peaceful. Yeah, it’s all about the village life. So beautiful, so peaceful and love it very much.

No best chef of the world can compete with the food prepared by mom, the satisfaction we get after eating from mom’s hand is beyond words. It just feels like ‘For the first time after long time, I have eaten a real and satisfying food. It’s just big WOW! ‘ I bet no well equipped and expensive room in the world offer the guarantee service of happiness, but HOME does that is also free of cost :) It’s like I can sleep forever without wishing to wake up. I am convinced that there is no other place on the earth like our own home.

If there is any heaven on the earth it’s here, it’s here……..HOME SWEET HOME :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

You may not be superhero but you are my best hero,
You may not be Charlie Chaplin but my best ever entertainer,
You may not be Bill Gates but the world richest man of love,
You may not be Elbert Einstein but the man full of knowledge,
You may not be John Keats but the best poet I ever saw,
You may not be the best teacher but my perfect teacher,
You may not be my best friend but my true friend.
You are the best of best father in the world, love u Apa.

My friends were shocked when they saw me talking over the phone with my father, they asked me " Is this the way you talk with your dad? OMG! I will never dare to talk with my father the way you do." I laughed and said that I don't have Hitler father but a friendly father who understand me perfectly, laugh and crack a joke with me, argue with me over the politics, helps me to make a curry in the kitchen and together we irritate Mom by pretending to converse in English :) And mother says that these father and daughter will never change, like father like daughter. And we just smile. You are the best father, I don't need an occasion to let you know how much I love and respect you but when occasion comes I won't miss a chance to say YOU ARE BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Time flees leaving only memories but memories also fade with the passage of time. Best way to own that particular time is by capturing it forever: some captures with camera, some with heart, some by sharing but I do by writing.

There are times when we can't share some feelings with the parents, friends or anyone. At that time I just take pen and paper and write whatever that comes in my mind. Surely writing has helped me a lot such as uplifting the depressing moment, confessing the greatest fear, consoling myself, complaining every little things, celebrating the occasions, reflecting the past and sharing my insanity. I had been through hard times, by reflecting back I can see the transformation in myself. Where I stood before and where I stand now. I was going through my diary and found out this. Poor me, looks like I had to do the double role, playing myself as well as an AnsweringDiary.

Dear Diary,
            Say good things to me, even if it is a lie or deadest joke, I just want to hear it. Say something to me so I can at least fake a smile or will force laughter. I can’t help getting low, I just don’t want current situation, even if it means to take my life, take it but get me rid of the situation. You must be thinking that I am making a fuss over nothing but I can’t help getting hurt. Should I be bold enough to let the people know how I feel and what I think? If I do I will hurt people but if I avoid hurting others I end up getting hurt badly. What I should do? I know you will not answer even if I point gun on you. I sometimes truly wish you could talk back to me. If I go on this rate I will end up isolating myself from the world for rest of the life, you sure don’t want me to be like this, do you?


My Dear TeeCee,
            I know how badly you are going through. Just be positive, everything will be alright. If you are hungry instead of giving you food I will teach you how to cook food so when you are hungry next time you don’t have to stay empty stomach. Well talking about letting others know about your feelings, I know it will be hard but if they are happy leave it. When you are down it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drag others in your shoe. Forget and forgive, it is the best solutions to every problem. These two words have power to ease every mistake and heal every wound. Remember, you are not the first and you will never be last to face the problems in the life, it is just the matter how we deal with it. If you can wrestle with the problems, nothing can stop you from proceeding in the life but if you let problems handle your life, then you can feel hell in the earth. Crush ego, nurture kindness, share love and live the life. Don’t waste your life by living in someone’s shadow, liberate yourself from cocoon of misery and feel the every moment of your life. Life is too precious to be wasting over the little things. So don’t get distracted by the temporary gift of life. Live the life you won’t regret in your deathbed.

Takecare,                                                                                                                                                                          Diary

Dear Diary,
I am back again but today I have nothing to complain in fact I want to say thank you to you for being with me for all the time. I have adapted myself with the situations, though it is not the best but it is better than the previous one. No more complain ;) Today I just want to say that THANK YOU to you and all the beings for the worthy experiences.

Hahahadon’t get me wrong. when I complain I write a lot but when I expressed gratitude nothing comes out of my mind except “THANK YOU”, may be that is because two words explain everything that is needed to be told. 

ARIGATO                                                                                                               TeeCee                                                                                                                                                    

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We Are Family!!!

Few years back we siblings were watching emotional Hindi movie 'We are family'. A nice family drama. At the end, it was heartbreaking to see Kajol battling with the cervical cancer and how children miss their mom. Every actor did justice to the roles. We all glued our gaze to the screen knowing the intensity of scene. I became so emotional that I couldn't stop the falling tears from the side of my eyes and I was planning to wipe it out without others notice when my little 8 yr old brother said "Shameee...Ana katang tey geb chowa la"(Shame...elder sister is crying). Elder brother and younger sister looked at my direction and burst out laughing. They teased me, I felt so embarrassed. Later found that it was all planned and all had watched it before, knowing that I was emotionally weak they pretended to watch with me to see my emotional outburst. Now I am realizing that it wasn't about teasing but bonding between us. Miss u guys a lot, now it is really hard to gather as a whole family as all of us are in our own path. Believe me I haven't changed a bit, I still cry watching sad movies and now I won't feel embarrass to cry 1000times  infront of u all if I get another 1000 times to watch movies together. Love u all, after all WE ARE FAMILY.
We Are Family...Missing u all <3