Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just a Scene

“You are a male version of hybrid bitch.” She shouted in an utter dismay. Was she too harsh? Nah, it’s too less for the act he puts on. Thank god! She was kindly being sarcastic only.

Her words sting him right in the heart as he turned back with a clenched fist, eyes clearly expressing that he wanted to strangulate her at that moment. He pushed her hard on the wall, wedging her between him and a wall.

His glares perpetuated the tremors she felt within. She felt wobbly inside, but firmly stood with reflecting glares matching his.

“Damn you!” he punched hard on the wall deliberately missing her head.

He gritted his teeth and uttered each syllable clearly with a pause “Don’t. Provoke. The. Beast. In. Me.”

His eyes were so intense that she forgot what she needs to say next. She blankly stared at him.

He raised his eyebrows and urged her to continue. “I would never dare to provoke you.” She spoke before she knew what she was speaking, then she was laughing hard collapsing on the couch.

“Damn you! That’s not in a script.” He laughingly collapsed next to her.

“Ha-ha… I know. It felt so real for a time being that I forgot we are practicing for your next play. You are so passionate about acting. I could see it in the intensity of your eyes when you act. You are a born and gifted actor. I almost felt that you will hit me for a real.” She honestly confessed.

“Hey! You know that I will never hurt you.” He hugged her.
“Ouch! My ego. I am a villain on screen not in reality. “He teased her.

She elbowed him hard on the stomach.” Dear romantic Gabbar, get up.” He deliberately tightened his grip on her.

“Ouch… I won’t hit you doesn’t mean that you can hit me.” He releases grip to mend where she hit on head.

“I am hungry.” She gracefully made her way to the kitchen. The clinking sound of the utensils indicates that she was attempting to test her yet again debutante culinary skills.

“Wait! We will cook together.” He immediately rushed to rescue both of them from eating something gross. He had no intention of telling the truth that her food taste terrible, even dog refused to eat the leftovers. He was glad that she was putting heart to learn it.

“It’s fine. I will cook. You practice on your scene.” She replied without turning.

“No, we shall cook and practice together.” He joined her in cutting vegetables. Life together was very vibrant and natural like it was meant to be.


Simply Me

I am never good at anything
But I don’t stop trying
It has never been easy
But I have never withdrawn
I am not that strong
But I never let my weakness win.
I make lots of mistake
But I learn through them.
I complain often
But also I never fail to feel grateful.
I frequently fall down hard
But I am adamant on rising.
Every little things break me
But I pick every pieces.
I am a fighter, survivor
I am a loser and a winner
But I don’t quit.