Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Letting It Go

“Tshering, can you forgive me for the last time?” He sounded sincere like before but I was no naïve then.

“Isn’t that what you said last time or before last time and way before that?” He gave me all the reasons to ‘harden’, if I put in a nicer way ‘stronger’.

“I know, I don’t deserve another chance but I am a changed man. I will do all things it takes to make up to you.” He pleaded in the dark night of the dark phase of his life, but it didn’t even budge me a little. 

“You don’t have to do anything.” His matter least bothered me now. 

“Trust me! Tshering.” I regretted for not lighting the porch as I wanted to look at his eyes to see whether it changes its color when he lies. Had I been connoisseur in observing, I might have caught him when he lied first, second and many times after that.

“It’s really late. You should go home.” I said, though my mind was screaming ‘Applause to you, you even have a guts to ask me trust you after all those gross things you did to me.’

“Consider once and answer me.” He didn’t push me this time, maybe he knew that I reached at end point. 

“Goodnight.” I didn’t want to give him a hope of something impossible. 

“Goodnight. Take care.” I heard him barely whispering. 

He turned and walked away with a drooping shoulder in a rhythmic way, blending perfectly with the dark lord as distance stretched between us. 

I stood at the door longer than I expected, savoring the freedom of ‘Letting it Go’. I felt nothing; regrets, remorse, hatred, disappointments or anything I should feel at that moment. It stunned me, then I was smiling since I was stronger than I thought. Actually, much stronger than a stumbling girl who used to cry at every little thing; a girl I used to be.


  1. I salute for your writings with all great thoughts...

    1. I appreciate your supports Ia. Hope you are doing great. Take care :D