Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just Friends

I tagged along my guy friend to buy kitchen items. For the beginner, I need those essential and basic things to settle down. I am going to start living myself, independently. We hopped from shop to another looking for something good but unfortunately ‘something good’ turns out to be very expensive and those falling under the range of my budget weren’t up to the marks. I needed the best one at reasonable price (Wink). Welcome! To real life of independence, where you started to own ‘spoon’ bought from the hard-earned money of yours.

One point, we dropped by internet cafe to buy ‘movies’ though I must admit that things have changed since I started working. I can hardly complete a movie without falling asleep; there were times when I used to stay whole night watching series, next day directly attending the class. I must have been ‘super girl’ at that time. It costs Nu. 50 per movie. ‘Whoahhh’ it is too expensive, I told him how we used to download every latest movies in the college. Meanwhile transferring, we casually talked with the owner of an internet cafe and my friend asked from where we can get gas stove in the market.

He replied question to us “Newly married? I immediately corrected “No…no…just friends” by laughing off and my friend too was laughing. It was not his mistake to think like that, we gave the impression of it; a guy and a girl shopping for the basic things to settle down, if I were him, I must have thought the same. It is the flaw of the society; no guy and a girl can be just friends, a society made a trend of judging that way. He is more of an elder brother to me than a friend, a caring one in fact. He addresses me ‘Chungku’. I can say a brother from different mothers though it will question the fidelity of my father, jokes apart.

In one shop, I met a friend of high school; she was also with a guy, buying buckets, ladle, cups and all. Seems, she too was settling down like a dancing dust after vibrant youthfulness in the sky. She asked me “Your husband?” Gosh! I thought “really?” what was wrong with the people. I said again “Just friends”. It turned out; a guy she was with is her husband. I congratulated them and went venturing the things I needed to buy.

My friend said his father was in town and he had some work with him. I didn’t accompany him knowing it will give only ‘one impression’, an impression of a couple. He didn’t ask me twice, may be knew how a mind of an old man works. I chose to wait for him in a bookstore nearby which led me to buy books though it wasn’t in my priority list at that time.

The next day I had to go and get gas cylinder early in the morning, so I was going for a sleepover at friend’s house that was going to accompany me. I couldn’t take things with me, so I had to keep things with someone I know. That Uncle notoriously asked “Boyfriend?” I shake it off and said “Guy friend.”

He wasn’t convinced because he asked about the other guy, confused, I asked “Which one?” from the way he looked I understood what he thought of me. I at least had a curtsy to answer his questions. I was little infuriated with the way some people thinks. I felt sorry for those who got only one track thought. He has a shop below my office; from there he can clearly see me walking up and down. I got couple of guy friends who sometimes drop by my office, sometimes in a group and other time alone. I always walk them till basement simply because they are my friends. I enjoy a company of good people that I don’t mind hanging with them in a bar till midnight even if I am an only girl. I feel so secure with them because they are the people worth trusting. What others think about me is none of my business, so I am letting it pass. An only thing matter is what I think of myself.

By the way being ‘just friends’ between opposite gender is the trending fashion in the world of friendship.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


If I was to love
I would love to love;
The budding romance of a nature
With the beautiful peach blossoms of a spring,
Walking bare feet on the misty grass,
Enjoying the divine odor of freshly woken earth,
Watching the crack of dawn and the emergence of sun.