Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Voyage of a Sailor

A novice sailor on a lone boat,
Eagerly began the voyage of the life.
With a compass and hope in the hand,
Proceeded in the shore of destiny.

Beautifully floating in the midst blue sea,
Confidently rowing the oars with the speedy speed.
Failing to read the hurricane of youthfulness,
Shaking the boat by the turbulence of juvenile.

Turned blind to the direction of the compass,
And teamed up with the wind of anguish.
Capsizing the boat with an attitude,
And drowning in the pool of depression.

Fighting for the oxygen within the sea,
Swallowing the salty water of the life.
At the verge of running out of breath,
But a hope persuades him to learn the swim of life,
Never letting him to give up.

Finally emerges from the sea with the wisdom.
Firmly determined to reach the offshore.
Prudently swimming across the sea,
And conquering the voyage at last.

Picture courtesy: Bing Images


  1. The tale of the life nicely narrated. Interesting. CHEERS

  2. Wonderful. I just wished that I could write an insightful poem like you. :-)

    1. Thank you very much but its a fact that you are very good writer and you write far better than me(y)

  3. Nice poem Tshering! Love reading it :)

  4. Thank you sir Damchoe, Sherab Tenzin and Overcome for visiting :) :)