Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"I want to be a Daddy"

Eww… I had always despised the sickening odors which contribute in an increment of the nausea feeling. The strong smell of the medicine everywhere, yuck… I hate it. If given a chance I would never visit the hospital, ‘watch out your tongue, never say never.’ I warned myself. With the approaching semester exam, I couldn’t dare risking my health and to escape from a friend’s constant scolding, I visited.

‘phhhhhh..’I sighed looking at the long queue of patients in front of the reception counter.  I scan the room; few older people were watching BSS on the TV which was oddly kept on the maxim height opposite to the entrance door, women were chatting at the end of the left bench, some were nursing their patients, people in white apron were rushing in different directions, group of students in uniform were sharing how boring geography class was, I chuckled remembering how I used to doze off in geography class sitting in the first bench. Everything is fun with the friends. Wish I had asked Karma to accompany me, but all are busy studying, I reminded myself.

I didn’t have better things to do, so I playfully started counting the people ahead of me 24, 25… when I saw a cute boy of three or four running merrily. Probably mother at the far end (looked very sick) was asking Jigme to return; the mischievous yet innocent was a cute Jigme. I usually find hard to keep my hand off the children, some parents approved the attention their child gets from the stranger but some are possessive enough to glare at the uninvited affection. The innocence and cuteness of the children are hard to resist.

I lengthen my hand and signal him to come near, seem hesitant at first but eventually he came. I smiled and asked “Jigme, what is your name?” “Jigme” he replied in a sing song manner. He seems engrossed with the red car in his hand.  I took an Oreo from my bag and I showed him in an attempt to bribe his attention. It worked! He smiled and stretched his hand to take it, but I refused to give. I bargained him to come and sit on my lap, he did.

He started eating the cookie while I observed him; he has a tiny dark mole on the upper lip which is believed that he will be well conversant, thick eye lashes and captivating eyes.  We conversed in his sing song manner. We talked, played and talked.

I asked “What do you want to become when you grow up?” He replied “I want to be a daddy.” I grinned remembering the lines from Facebook “Father is a son’s first superhero and daughter’s first love.”  So true. “Why so?” I asked again.

“I want to be like a daddy because I want to beat mother.” he replied sweetly in an innocent manner. I was too stunned by his answer; maybe I heard him wrong.

“Jigme, come” I heard his mother calling. Obediently without even turning back, he made his way to the reception counter where his mother was.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Voyage of a Sailor

A novice sailor on a lone boat,
Eagerly began the voyage of the life.
With a compass and hope in the hand,
Proceeded in the shore of destiny.

Beautifully floating in the midst blue sea,
Confidently rowing the oars with the speedy speed.
Failing to read the hurricane of youthfulness,
Shaking the boat by the turbulence of juvenile.

Turned blind to the direction of the compass,
And teamed up with the wind of anguish.
Capsizing the boat with an attitude,
And drowning in the pool of depression.

Fighting for the oxygen within the sea,
Swallowing the salty water of the life.
At the verge of running out of breath,
But a hope persuades him to learn the swim of life,
Never letting him to give up.

Finally emerges from the sea with the wisdom.
Firmly determined to reach the offshore.
Prudently swimming across the sea,
And conquering the voyage at last.

Picture courtesy: Bing Images

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beautiful Day :)

“It's a lie to think you're not good enough. It's a lie to think you're not worth anything.” 
― Nick Vujicic

“Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances, then discovered that the only trap was your own lack of vision, lack of courage, or failure to see that you had better options?” 
― Nick VujicicLife Without Limits

Good morning :) :) :)
Its a beautiful day and I feel like have been liberated from the unknown strings and web of the life. Positively looking forward to do something worthy and keep on trying. Good luck to myself :) :) :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Luck Mr.Tiger

‘I hear your heart beat to the beat out of the drum ………we are gonna die young….’ the phone continued disturbing my sleep and I check the identity of the caller in order to decide whether to discard or pick the call. It reads ‘Ama’, I pressed the green button, answered “Ong Ama” and closed my eyes. She wasn’t surprised to find me still sleeping though it was quarter past 8 (she knows my sleeping habit :p). Even though she didn’t say anything I explained that since its Sunday I have extended my sleep little longer and was planning to wake up. Then she told me that my grandfather is asking me to send TIGER. In half sleep I was registering and figuring what she was saying and I was wondering from where am I supposed to bring tiger, I heard the existence of zoo near Hashimara but I wasn’t sure whether there are tiger or not. Even if there are, isn’t illegal to bring and send it to Pemagatshel?  I was configuring hard while she continued explaining. Then only whole things came into the picture. She was asking me to send the Tiger toy.

Well the story doesn’t end here. Well I come from a remote village of Pemagatshel where most of the people are farmers. We don’t do commercial farming; we just do farming to sustain the needs. Most of the time, farmer loses their crops to wild animals such as wild boars, deer and mischievous monkeys. Unlike others we don’t do huge farming in a large plot. Irrespective of the size of the farming, the farmers need to guard the crops for 24x7. They can’t afford to leave it unattended, with the blink of eyes; their crops and hard work are mercilessly destroyed. It is tedious to attend the crop all the time and also farmers are not able to do other works. Houses with more number of family members have advantages in this case but in most of the cases there are only two or three members in a house as their children are either studying or are civil servant away from home.

I guess the animals have become wiser as the scarecrow fails to scare both the birds and animal. They must have known that it is a fake one. Nevertheless human being never stoops and give up so easily, so they came up with the new idea to guard their crop; they replaced the scarecrow with the huge tiger toy. And it is indeed working and the strategy is getting popular that is the reason why my mother called me. I don’t know whose idea it is but I must admit that it is a brilliant idea.

During vacation last summer, I heard people talking about incidences how monkey got scared with the tiger toy and ran away. Also they were laughing hilariously when one of the villagers shared how he chased the group of monkeys by faking the roar of the tiger which was visibly kept in the hut (made in order to guard the crops).

I hope and pray that animals don’t get wiser this time. Hope Mr.Tiger will safeguard the crops. Nevertheless I wish you a luck .

(: Mr.Tiger I bought from Jaigoan :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"I Ain't Crying"

The thick wall of his lies hugged her pupil,
Blurring the vision of truthfulness.
Colorblind was her innocent eyes,
Saw only his manipulated color.

Cunningly he laid a net of deception,
Naively she fell into the designed trap.
She saw his fabricated rainbow,
Believing it to be real and beautiful.

Finally broken was heavily loaded wall of his lies,
So were her heart, shattering into infinite pieces.
With so many things to bear,
Flooded were her eyes with the liters of tears.

Willingly she let it flow, cleansing the every lie,
Flushing the every silly mistake,
Diluting the faith,
And eroding the trust forever.

As I sat watching her,
Respecting her for fighting this long,
Applauding her for never stooping and stopping.
She turned, smiled and choked “I ain’t crying.”