Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Under Which Category Do You Fall?

2:17 pm
The wall clock above the whiteboard proudly displayed. Still 43m to go. Two hours block period right after heavy lunch isn’t easy both for students and lecturer. Thank god! Sir Tshewang Lhendup informed that he will be discussing the solution of a recent term test question after completing the questions we were solving.

Sir began writing on the board. I, in vain search the test paper by flipping my notebook and design codes before finally giving up. There was something written on the board which wasn’t the solution of test paper. He might have noticed students battling to keep their eyes open as he wrote;

Great people discuss ideas,
Average people discuss events,
And small people discuss people.

“So under which category do you fall? Does anyone here discuss ideas?” he asked. As always, silence replied him.

“May be ideas like how to cheat in the exam.” his statement earned giggles from the class this time.

He read lines from the board and said that he read those lines from somewhere in the morning. “We Bhutanese rarely discusses ideas. If we were discussing ideas, we wouldn’t be too dependent on neighboring countries.”

 He pointed that starting from the pen we are writing to the gho he is wearing is imported. Everything here is imported. He wittily expressed his concern for nation “hope this dependency of importing stuffs from other country won’t export us from our own country.”

“People here usually discuss people; who is dating whom? How big and expensive car is he/she driving? Who is cheating their spouse in the absence? That person is corrupted or she/he is behind the bars? What is he/she wearing? Who is who? Something like that.”

As he continued “Some discuss events such as a party, but at the end they lend up discussing people. But they rarely discuss ideas. An idea which can change a life, but nobody bothers to discuss.”

He said that people juggle their conversations from events to people and people to people only. Wouldn’t it be amazing to discuss ideas and concrete it?  
He asked again “So under which category do you fall? This is a thought for a day.

“Now back to term test question…………………”

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monster Within

Liberation diminished further and further,
As he frantically tried to grasp it,
The desperation to get near,
Mounted the distance in between.
Left no stone unturned        
In the consistent pursuit of finding.
The essence of life shattered,
Darkness bloomed in his life,
The inner turmoil he tackled,
Terrorized him from within
Giving birth to monster in him.
The hatred he saw in life;
Was the reflection of his perception.
The very liberation, he chased
Slipped from his hand
Like the sand from tightening grip.
Little did he realized,
The liberation, he chased everywhere
Was laid within him,
Calmly waiting for his discovery.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aa-choo!! and Me

Aa-choo!….Aa…choo I couldn’t help myself from sneezing constantly as I type this.Surely yesterday’s college farewell picnic for final year students and the dusty dancing wind had perfectly managed to irritate me with torturous sneeze. Apart from that, many funny memories flooded stealing a grin from me.

’‘Aa-choo!!’ I couldn’t stop the irritating itch I felt in the nose.
“God blessed you!” Cousin said out of habit.

“Akshay Khanna!” Sister teased me. Me and my sister weren’t very fond of this particular Bollywood actor and who ever sneezed was his crazy fan for a while (till we forgot about the sneezing chapter). It was another torture one had to bear apart from sneezing.

I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but I guess I was too young and stupid who even didn’t know the meaning of my own name.

I sneezed in the class and a classmate said “Tshering she.” She actually wished me a long life (Meaning of tshering is long life). Coincidentally, my name is Tshering and I took the direct meaning of it as (you’Tshering’ die ‘she’) which sounded like a curse to me. It was a enough point to demand an explanation why did, she wants my death before breaking down into a feebly sob. All she said was that she heard people saying “Tshering she” whenever somebody sneezes.

I cried whole period questioning myself why people would wish my death. I reached home with the all red and swollen eyes. Mother immediately rushed when she saw me in the state; probably thought I was bullied, being smallest and youngest of the class. My concerned and protective mother asked the reason and I narrated bit by bit incident in between the sobs. Before I was done with all, she laughed real hard figuring the whole story. That day I learned the meaning of my name.

Last winter during the survey work with NHDCL in Samtse, I was done with my data collection and as I was not feeling well that day, my generous team asked me to rest for a while. I seated on a single bamboo bracing of an old garage while waiting for them to complete the task.

“Aa-choo” really loud sneeze escaped followed by another sneeze “Aaachoooooo” By the time I complete it I was on the ground. Feeling little embarrassed over the fact that I have fallen down breaking the bracing while I sneezed, I got up and wiped the dry grasses from the back of my pants. I momentarily scanned the surrounding and thanked god as there was nobody around.

My colleague came out of tenant’s house and asked me “Tshering, are you alright? You fell down on the ground, maena?”
“I am fine.”

I saw our Ata Driver (a lively person) roaring with the laughter when he saw me later accompanied by two colleagues and Kinzang sir.

Kinzang sir said that they were inspecting the houses when he heard a loud thud and later a girl informed him. He imitated the very tone “Uncle! Uncle! Your one sister has fallen down from the garage.” And when he looked outside, he saw me wiping the dusts. They laughed again and this time I joined them despite the pain.
Ata Driver commented that my sneeze is as loud as my laughter. He admitted being scared of my sneeze and strength as would say I have energy to break a garage with a sneeze. 

Aa-choo!! Good-aa-choo!!-night J

Image Courtesy : Bing

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It Never Felt Same Again

A gentle breeze lightly brushed my bare arm reminding that I had stood long enough staring at the view of my village without actually looking at it.  A place where I truly belong right from the beginning, seems nothing had changed; its serenity of the place, the freshness of the air, empowering clear sky, refreshing warmth of natural greenery but I knew it was no longer the same village I loved visiting during vacation.

Unlike every year I no longer felt the enthusiasm to go to village as I knew that you will no longer hug me on my surprise arrival, I rather slowed my pace to prepare myself to endure your absence.  Memey was just back from fetching water. There was a fire in the oven but no warmth inside the home. There was no usual tempting smell from kitchen and I didn’t bother to check every pot to see what’s there inside. 

Your absence screamed at us; the dangling cobweb from the ceiling, the accumulated dust in the corner, the unwashed dishes in the sink, piles of clothes dumped on the bed and the mostly in the sunken eyes of Memey which kept searching the silhouette  of you in our eyes.

Like every year all aunts and uncles came to village for winter get-to-gather but it never felt same without you. I couldn’t play pranks to cousins knowing that you are not there to protect me if mother beats me. I didn’t sleep well on first night as I missed your warm cuddle and the story you used to tell. I didn’t hear the usual loud snoring of Memey we used to make fun of, and I wondered was he awake like me? Memey acted normal in every possible way he could but his eyes betray him as there was a hint of longing for you.

All the grownups were unusually silent. Nobody talked about you knowing the intensity of the pain they had to endure without breaking in front of each other. Unlike every year, we didn’t take a family photograph that year as we knew that our family was incomplete without you.

Achingly time fled quickly and we had to return to our places to resume the journey of our life. Abi, you said that I inherited the stubbornness from Memey but I had never been stubborn in my life like him at that moment. We all insisted that, for a change, he should come and stay with us. He adamantly said no and didn’t move an inch from where he stood. He said you hate loneliness. Every year when we went from the village after get-to-gather, he said you cried for whole day and wouldn’t sleep properly at night and ate rarely. He said “If I go now with you all and if your Abi will visit house in my absence, she will be very disappointed and sad to find an empty house.”
At that moment, every members of the family cried releasing the accumulated pain and infants cried because elder were crying.

That was the last family winter get-to-gather I witnessed. After that nobody came home during winter giving thousand reasons why they couldn’t come but I knew that it is because of only reason,  ‘your absence’.  It’s more than 7 years since you left us but we still miss you. Rest in peace, Abi _/\_

Love Song

I heard him singing,
A song of pure bliss
Far from the distance,
Right from the heart.
A song so beautiful
Lyrics of promises,
Tune of calm melody,
Pitch so perfect,
Words that sooth the souls
Voice of every man,
Words, every woman dream for.
A beautiful love song
That reached every soul
Except the one he sang for.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mystery of Eternal Battle for Justice

It is the story narrated by one of my friend based on true story that happened three generations ago in her village. The names of the characters have been changed.

Aum Pema was very hardworking and kindhearted divorcee in late 30s. Being elder, she had inherited handsome properties with the good numbers of domestic animals. Her only sister, Yangday helped her with household chores while her brother in-law Sonam looked after cattle and horses. She was one of the independent and wealthy women from her village.

She was divorced and happy. She loved her sister’s children as if they were her own children. She was mostly fond on 7 years old Wangmo who was second eldest daughter of four. Though she spoke with lisp, she was good at singing and had no problem of lisp while singing. She sometimes taught nieces to sing.

Unfortunately, one night Aum Pema passed away in her sleep. Her funeral was carried out with the utmost respect by her sister and husband.

Few months later, Yangday was harvesting maize when she saw Wangmo smiling and waving her hand. She smiled as she saw her elder daughter on the balcony babysitting the younger siblings.

That night Wangmo had high fever and muttered endlessly in her sleep. Yangday attended her daughter as she behaved strangely.  Time and again she struggled as if someone was strangulating her, forcefully pushing her blanket with the legs until she drenched herself in sweat and battled to exhaustion.

Immediately priest was called and concerned neighbor and relatives came to render a possible assistance.

At midnight, again Wangmo wake up and began wrestling on her own. When her father went near her, she kicked him hard and yelled him to stay away from her. All were shocked, Yanday tried to stop but priest shook his head signaling her not to. After full silence of minute or two, Wangmo sobbed and repeatedly said “Go away, let me breath…..please don’t kill me.”

The spectators were shocked and the way Wangmo spoke with the lisp and accent were like her aunt Pema.

The priest asked her what she was trying to say, in very tone with the lisp like Aum Pema, Wangmo answered “I was sleeping when I heard tangible noise and opened my eyes, I saw two men whose face were fully covered with some clothes squatted both sides of the bed. I was about to shout when the one at the right with the pillow in his hand covered my mouth with full forces. I struggled with all my energy to free myself but I was no match. I managed to get hold of dagger which was kept under my pillow and injured the guy on his hand.”

The people were shocked with the revelation that Aum Pema whom they believed died in her sleep was actually murdered.  No one suspected that she was murdered as when she was found death in the morning, she was in normal shape, and there were no traces of struggle or stain of blood or even wrinkled bed. The criminal might had wiped evidences clearly. Nobody knew who and why Aum Pema was murdered?

Even today, Aum Wangmo’s soul blends with the living body and narrate how she was killed by two masked men on that night. Her house was abandoned long ago due to paranoid activities. Even today when people bypass near from her house at night, one can hear a lady singing and clear clinking of the utensils.
It is believed that if an innocent is killed brutally, a soul seeks justice and until they find justice they wander and wander and some even land up wandering eternally.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Plan

I said ‘now’
And they asked “how?”
I explained all,
While eating a chocolate ball.
I gave little wink,
And some turned all pink.
Heard an escaped ‘wow!’
“Why haven’t I thought before, holy cow!”
“Are you really serious?”
They all looked little curious.
I said I’ve never been so sure,
And they said I act more mature.
“What if we are caught?”
‘Do exactly the way I taught.’
If not I will be solely responsible,
This is nearly impossible,
As there is no way a plan will fail,
Only its victory shall prevail.
And we must take little risk,
And shall dance in victory frisk,
“WOW! It will be fun and it’s pretty cool.”
‘Yeah it is, April fool!’