Monday, February 16, 2015

Never Quit

“You can’t write a word. Don’t waste your time, better quit and focus on your studies.” A monster within me warned today as usual.

“I will never quit.” I stressed more on ‘never’ and I mean it.

“Nobody give damn to piece of shit you write.”

“I do.” I was losing to her.

“You have been practically wasting your time staring at blank screen for weeks or chewing pen cap without writing a word.” She was right.

“The earlier you understand, better it will be.” She added.

A silence prevailed for a minute as I couldn’t defend myself.

“May be you should learn to accept that it is not meant for you. May be it never was.”

A tear drop fell on my notebook. She was being cruel and I hate that she was part of me.

“The paused pages of diary, incomplete stories on MS word, not updating on blog and not able to tell the stories that have been buried inside you is as clear as crystal that you must quit.” She had a point.

“I was bus..” she cut me off.

“For heaven sake, don’t fall into the cliché of excuses.” She retorted.

“But I was busy.” It was not enough.

“When you try something, never leave anything in middle. Either try with all effort or don’t try at all.”

She was right but I wasn’t wrong.

The moment I thought I couldn’t write a single word is the moment I actually started writing.


  1. Looks like we are in the same shoe.You are talking about that call, right? A call from within and we are confused.I can feel what you are through.Keep going.Keep writing.That's only the way I guess.

  2. Thank you +Tashi Phuntsho and +Kipchu Namgyel a call which snatches the sleep at night and the peace of a day. Exhausting one but yeah you are right, writing is an only way. You do same. Take care :D