Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Will You?

Who will cry when you die?

Yes! A book by my all-time favorite Robin Sharma but I am yet to venture into the beautiful journey.  Yet I find myself wondering who will cry when I die? Will you?

The tittle triggers the memories from the Korean melodrama ’49 Days’ I watched in 2012. Forgive me; I am not very good with the names. So here it goes like this, a protagonist, a girl of twenty something meet with life changing car accident just before an engagement or a wedding (my bad, I forgot). There, she is clinging between life and a death but a messenger of death, Scheduler as he calls himself give her a time of 49 days to complete a task. A simple task to collect three drops of tears genuinely shed for her from three different person excluding families and kin. A task, when completed, she will be able to live, if not she has to die. Just three drops of tears, sounds ridiculously easy right? Include me, I thought so too.

As the story unfolds and days counted, she discovers that the tears people shed for her were just in the sake of expectations of the society. People she loves were with her due to some ulterior motives. A heartbreaking journey to collect just three drops of tears will definitely make you genuinely shed true tears for a girl in the screen. She will make you wish that your tears can be counted to save her. While she lost the hope of survival from the betrayal from the loved ones, I couldn’t help standing in her shoes and questioning myself. The questions remain here; will she succeed to complete a given task in just 49 days?

I was wondering if I die, will there be anyone who will cry with the genuine feelings of lost? Will they miss my presence, yearn to hear my laugh, see me play and crack joke with them? Will people miss me when I am gone?

Who will cry when I die, will you?

Monday, October 12, 2015


What will the sky say?
When it sees the vastness
Of my thought stretches
Far beyond thy reach
To the end of the east
And the beginning of the quest
In a never ending circle
Of the journey to the west.
What will the night say?
To sees the universe in me
Darker and more beautiful
Than the twinkling stars,
Lighting the whole milky way
And touching the souls
More than the stars in the sky.
What will the sky say?
When the limit it sets
Is broken by the reach
Of my thoughts that streches
Far beyond thy reach
To the bound less world
Of imagination.