Friday, April 22, 2016


Friend: Everyone will have better luck than me.
              For me I always lose my love no matter how hard I try.
Me: Oh
Friend: There always comes a challenger
              And this time it’s you (angry emoticon)                           
   Lesbo (*frown* *frown* *frown)

Me: My luck (*tongue out* *tongue out* tongue out*)
Friend: I always doubted your feminine version
             And I was not wrong.
Me: Hahhaa
I too felt that
A guy inside my soul.
Friend: Wish I could kill that guy version in you.
Me: Hahaha
Btw will loving a guy make me ‘gay’?
Coz I once loved a guy. ROFL
Friend: You won’t be considered gay but the one love you is definitely a gay.

So it all started when a guy friend of mine fell in love at first sight with my best friend. A painful one sided love story it became. Unrequited love groomed his writing bringing out poet and romantic author (blessing in disguise, I guess). I must admit that he was always good at writing, he needed little push which a love gave him, a painful push in fact…oops. So after a real long persuasion when his love wasn’t wholly reciprocated, he finally left everything in God’s hand, mind it he never really gave up. What choice he had rather to leave everything at mercy of fate? Love can’t be forced. 

Now he partly thinks I am responsible and he blames me for robbing his love; I am a healthy competitor for him. Can’t help laughing. Can’t defend him because we (me and my best friend) are very much in love. Ho..ho..hold on, of course not in the way you guys are thinking. Love in divine way. No words can really describe what really exist between us. Without pretense, I can be comfortably myself with her. We share a weird dream of going to faraway place leaving the strings of responsibilities behind. Together, child within us come out and we don’t care about the rest of the world. We giggle, play, laugh and do all the stupid things enough to raise eyebrows of anyone who sees us.

Where by my relation with a guy friend is more of a cat-dog type; we can’t stand sight of each other till we insult each other. All derogatory lines surfacing out of our mouth like we had grudge of past 6 generations and it is the last chance we have to insult each other. That is the beauty of individual. Dude! Even if your place is in the bottom of my heart, you are within my special circle. I need you in my friendship circle to make me realize how great my other friends are. Hahaa….I am so used to insulting you….Even when I want to say something good, things like “Jerk” will come out first followed by many worst line. I simply don’t know how to be polite with you.   

P.s: Both of you are damn special. Wish you guys a luck :D  

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