Monday, May 30, 2016

Suicidal Romance

A sky asked me once
Why don't you come up?
I have moon, stars and sun
And you could be the one
A temptation was so strong
To be the one of the star
That the people will look up
At night, admiring
With millions of thoughts running
But I realised I have the universe
On the earth, a loving one;
Family, friends and a love.
Then I replied to the sky
Later, when the right time comes
Sooner or later but I will be one of you
For now, let me love you from the earth.


  1. sky is a make believe of beauty, you would regret for it is not blue in reality. Some says that many of the stars which are shining were dead million years ago and they don't even exist. So on reaching there, in those dark endless space, you will know that mother earth is the only true love of yours

  2. Yeah someone asked me once too, why didn't I come up there to the moon. I said, I preferred to enjoy its beauty from here. Lovely writing Bumo! :)